Spick and Span: How Often Should You Use a Professional House Cleaning Service?

Did you know Americans spend over eight hours each week cleaning?

It’s no surprise people are quickly realizing professional house cleaning is beneficial. It offers you the ability to take your time back and enjoy a clean home at the same time.

If you’re considering hiring a professional house cleaning service such as Shine Bright Martha’s Vineyard Cleaning Services, you might wonder how often you should have them come. Continue reading to see which cleaning schedule is best for your specific circumstances.


Determining how often you should have your house cleaned by professionals depends on your budget and lifestyle.

In many cases, people enjoy having their houses cleaned every week. A schedule like this prevents dirt and grime from building up and makes it possible to avoid the large majority of cleaning.

While you still might have to handle some minor tasks here and there, weekly cleanings allow you to sit back and enjoy taking a significant job off your to-do list each week.

If you have a large family, this option, in particular, might work best for you to keep things organized as well.


Bi-weekly cleaning allows you to have people come clean twice a month. While this will save you time and take a significant portion of your tasks away, you’ll still need to upkeep the house in the off weeks.

A Natural Cleaning Mama schedule like this works well if your home is often pretty clean but needs things like dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc., regularly to keep dirt away.


A monthly deep clean works excellent if you don’t mind keeping up with cleaning tasks yourself but would like more involved cleaning to get done by a service.

For example, you might keep up with most of the cleaning but have someone come in and handle dusting, cleaning the walls, vacuuming furniture, etc.

You’ll still save time but won’t need to pay for weekly services.


Do you want a deeper clean on a regular basis but are only able to perform a basic clean once a week? A fantastic approach is to hire a reputable cleaning service to complete a Top to Bottom Deluxe Clean. By relieving you of more difficult cleaning responsibilities, this technique can be helpful. Cleaning baseboards and window blinds are examples of deeper cleaning tasks. Cleaning ceiling fans, the tops of appliances, and cupboards would also be helpful. To keep your home healthy and prepared for each new season, regular deep cleaning is just as vital as frequent, basic cleaning.


If you don’t mind cleaning at all but could use some help with bigger cleaning projects, then seasonal cleaning might work for you.

For example, cleaning the oven or refrigerator, washing the windows, and other tasks like that can get taken care of during this time. 


One of the most challenging parts about moving is cleaning both the place you’re leaving and the place you’re going.

Thankfully, some cleaning services offer special cleanings for these times. It includes a deep clean of an entire home or apartment to get it ready for new people.

You have enough to stress about during a move, so leave the cleaning to the professionals. Check out Detailcleanings.com to see a great example of a cleaning service that handles each of these types of cleanings mentioned here.

Special Occasions

Hiring a cleaning service for the day is a tremendous assistance if you enjoy hosting events and special occasions in your house but would rather not spend the day frantically cleaning. Something could be planned out in ahead or even immediately. This not only helps to reduce some tension, but it also ensures that your home will be a spotless and pleasant place for your visitors.

What’s your budget?

What is a reasonable price range for a house cleaning service? To determine what you can afford, add a cleaning budget to your monthly or yearly spending. Recall that there is typically less work to perform and less money spent per occasion if you schedule regular cleaning once a week or every other week. The house cleaning service may take longer and may charge extra if you wait until your home, is a complete mess.

Get Professional House Cleaning ASAP to Reap the Benefits

The sooner you hire a professional house cleaning service, the sooner you can relax.

Consider hiring one now to take back your free time and enjoy a cleaner house than you ever have before!

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