Spicing Up Your Bedroom with Custom Pillows

Your bedroom may not be the first thing your guests see when coming into your home but that doesn’t mean you only have to focus your creativity on those areas that are used by more people. You can be a little selfish and concentrate your creativity on your bedroom and spice it up! The time to get rid of those old pillows and other relics is finally here.

Your Sanctuary

Your bedroom is the place where you go to relax and disconnect from the stresses of every day. It should be a space in which you love to spend time. Decorating it with pillows means you can completely renovate the way it looks without any major investment of time or money.

Refresh Your Room by Switching Things Up

Look at the way your furniture is placed now. Can you move the bed to the other wall? Maybe the one with the window. Now look at the rest of the furniture pieces and consider whether you need that extra dresser. Getting rid of furniture pieces will make your room look and feel larger.

Start Decorating

Select the color that will work as your base. To really make an impact, go for something that is not similar to the colors you have now. If you were not planning on painting the walls, change the bedding color. Choose one that will work well with the custom decorative pillows you will soon add.

Decorating with Custom Pillows

Never minimize the importance and impact of decorating with custom pillows. Although you may think they are just a small piece of the final look, you might be surprised to discover that they are able to elevate the design of your room.

A single custom pillow creatively placed in the bedroom can have a great impact on the room’s overall look. But you do not have to stop at one. Here is what you have to do to get the perfect look when decorating with custom pillows:

Start With an Anchor Color

Work with your walls and any other color that may be present in the room and select your anchor color for the pillows. Think soft rose gold, steel blue, or raspberry. Make sure to select a color that will complement the rest of the room and highlight its best features.

Experiment with Styles and Prints

Don’t be afraid to play with styles and prints. With your solid anchor pillow at the center, add some with different styles. Use a graphic pillow next to a floral one, combine textures and materials, always tying them with the color in the room.

While some of your pillows may flatter the color of the wall, others may make reference to the color of the bedding. Think of your pillows as works of art that are versatile and stylish.

Play with Shapes and Proportion

Each one of your pillows is unique not only in color and design, printful.com recommends it should also be unique in its size and shape. If most of your pillows are square or oblong, add one or two round ones to break up the traditional design.

While most pillows will be on your bed, don’t forget to add a couple to that chair or sofa in the corner or by the bay window to complement the design.