Some Best Tips to Bathe Your Bunny

If you have adopted or are in the process of adopting your first rabbit, then you cant be pretty confused about their grooming. Well, you would be glad to know that they will do most of the job for you. Like cats, rabbits also groom themselves, wherein they will constantly lick their paws or other body parts to keep themselves clean. This also helps them get rid of excess fur at the top.

Most rabbits hate water, so you don’t have to give them baths frequently on the bright side. Also, their thick furry coat can take a long time to dry even when you do.

However, if they get too dirty in the muddy water and puddles, you must give them a bath, or else they will groom themselves, which increases the chances of them catching an infection.

You might be wondering how to bath a bunny?

So, here are some methods to bathe your bunny.

Dry Bath

Consider giving them a dry bath when they are a little dirty. For instance, if they have just played outside and are covered in a little bit of dust and dirt, a regular dry bath would do the job.

Simply brushing their coat will help you get rid of most dirt and dust. But, you must only use an airbrush for rabbits as it would have much thinner teeth than other brushes.

Unless necessary, you must not bathe your rabbits as they might go into shock. Unlike other animals, rabbits tend to go into a shock when they are placed in an unfamiliar environment, and water for them is uncharted territory.

Spot Cleaning

If your rabbit is dirtier for a simple dry bath and is also smelling bad, giving them a spot cleaning will be an ideal solution. You can use a small amount of water in this method.

Take a soft cloth, dip it into some hot water, and brush it against their fur.

The rabbits have thick coats of fur, which can take a long time to dry. So, use as little water as necessary and only clean the upper layers of the fur with the damp cloth. If you think their coat is wetter than it should be, dry it off using a blow dryer.

A Sink Bath

You must only give your rabbit a sink and a tub bath when necessary. Rabbits usually maintain a higher body temperature at 101 to 103 degrees Fahrenheit. So, when they contact colder water, they might get affected by hypothermia. Moreover, rabbits are not particularly fond of water, so they will feel uncomfortable while bathing.

So you must ensure that you put a damp towel under the sink or the tub to prevent them from slipping. Their ears are highly sensitive, so you must keep the water away from their ears. If you are using shampoo, make sure it is only for rabbits. Also, don’t bathe them for longer as it would be challenging to dry them afterward.

So, these are some steps on how to bathe a bunny rabbit. Keep in mind that you must give them a sink bath only if they are extremely dirty.