Solutions to Prevent Your Partner’s Snoring Disrupting Your Sleep

It can be difficult getting to sleep at the best of times but adding a noisy environment into the mix – especially snoring – can really impact your sleeping schedule. This can set you back the next day, as you’ll find yourself too exhausted to carry out your planned activities.

The cause behind snoring for one person may differ for another, which makes treating snoring a difficult affair because it can involve trialing different treatments until you have found one that cuts out the snoring for good. The good news is that you’re not alone in your sleep battle, and there are many easy solutions for snoring that can help you to get a good night’s sleep once again in a quieter space!

Lifestyle Changes

While simple lifestyle changes are not guaranteed to completely eradicate the snoring problem for all snorers, it can play a significant role in how often and how loud your partner is snoring. For some, lifestyle changes can actually end the snoring for good!

Maintaining a healthy diet and keeping fit will help the snorer to lose any extra weight which can reduce the amount of fatty tissue stored in the back of the throat. This can reduce, or even stop, your partner from snoring! Even if you don’t lose weight from exercising, it will tone the muscles in your body, including your throat muscles, which can lead to reduced snoring. Another lifestyle change involves quitting smoking. Smoking irritates the nose and throat membranes, which blocks the airways and causes the smoker to snore when sleeping.

CPAP Machines

If all self-help treatments and lifestyle changes have failed to address the snoring problem, you might want to consider purchasing a CPAP machine. CPAP means Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, which involves pressurized air being blown through a mask that is worn over your face to ensure that your airway is kept open when sleeping. When you have exhausted other treatments, a CPAP machine can be a life changing piece of equipment once the snorer adjusts to wearing the comfortable mask while sleeping. There are different machines and models, but there are many websites online to help you to find a cpap machine price that suits your budget.

Medical Procedures

There are a range of medical procedures that can help a severe snorer, including Laser-Assisted Uvulopalatoplasty(LAUP). This uses lasers to cut the uvula tissue at the back of the throat and the palate that can be found next to the uvula. The uvula strengthens after the procedure, which helps to reduce any of the usual uvula vibrations from happening. It is these vibrations that often trigger snoring. Another medical procedure option is Somnoplasty which involves radio frequency at low levels to get rid of uvula tissues and the soft palate next to the uvula.

Trying one or a combination of these cures for snoring could mean that your partner actually benefits by improving their health and wellbeing too as a bonus, as well as helping you to have a better night’s sleep without snoring to keep you awake!