Slip and Fall Accidents – Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions of late, regarding slips and falls and the ensuing legal process. With this in mind we have taken some of your most frequently asked questions and here we will look to provide you with the solutions you will need. From speaking with a slip and fall lawyer Washington DC to gathering information, here is all you need to know about slip and fall accidents.

What Are The Most Common Reasons For Slips And Falls?

In terms of the cases that make it to court, these are the most common reasons for slip and fall accidents:

  • Defects on the Sidewalk
  • Accumulation of Ice or Snow
  • Lighting Issues
  • Torn or Damaged Carpets
  • Spilled Food and Drinks
  • Loose Electrical Wiring
  • Broken Handrails

As you can imagine from the list, these issues could occur in a wide range of locations from offices to plazas, shopping malls to parking lots.

Is There Always Fault?

Determining fault is one of the trickiest aspects of this area of the law, because not every slip and fall is a fault. If you are walking down the sidewalk after a cold night and there is ice which has accumulated on the ground which you slip on, seeking responsibility is not easy. Whilst the municipality will do everything they can to grit and salt roads and highways, they are not duty bound to ensure ice-free streets. Speaking with a legal professional will help you to understand if there is any blame.

Do I Have to Sue?

Sometimes we see issues whereby people have accidents inside a friend’s business, and they are reluctant to proceed with legal action. With this being said if medical bills are piling up it can leave you in a quandary as to whether to pursue legal action. The most important thing to remember here is that you are suing the insurance company and not the property owner.

Am I Required To Use a Slip and Fall Attorney?

There is absolutely no obligation on your part to use an attorney to bring forward a case. With this being said however we have seen mounting evidence that doing so will bring better results and higher damages. Currently the ABA estimates that 3 out of 5 claimants will represent themselves, but from the studies which we have seen it is the 40% who use professionals which have the highest case success rate.

What To Do Directly After a Slip or Fall?

Should you have a slip or fall the first step is always to get a full checkup with a doctor. Even if there are no apparent injuries you may have sustained injuries which will be felt hours or days later – such as whiplash. Following this you should speak with a legal team and begin the process of gathering as much information about the accident as possible. This will include CCTV, witness statements and any other supporting information. Be sure to sign an accident book if this has happened on the premises of a business.

Any further questions which you have, feel free to write them in the comments section below and we’ll aim to get back to you as soon as possible.