Six Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Condo Renovations

Condos are proving to be a more worthwhile investment than ever before, especially in this housing climate that seems like it won’t ever slow down. If you plan on making renovations, it means getting the most out of your money, whether it be implementing balcony flooring or redoing the kitchen.

If you have recently purchased a condo or have been living there a while and are looking to make a serious change, there are more than a few ways that you can get the most out of your renovation experience.

1. Be Aware of the Rules

There are certain rules and restrictions that come with condo living. Although they may not have rules in place about making changes, there may be rules as to what times and days that renovations are able to take place.

Being aware of the different rules means being able to coordinate renovations, both for yourself and with any contractors. The last thing you want is to get the ball going and realize that your plans have been restricted by the various HOA rules that condo living has.

2. Have Clear Ideas

The developmental part of the renovation process can be the most time-consuming, but it is important. If you just start ripping things out and replacing as you go, it can lead to some less than ideal renovations being implemented.

For instance, know what kind of balcony flooring you want installed. Know what kind of countertops would look best in the kitchen. When you have a clear plan, it means getting the proper materials ordered and ensuring that timelines are followed properly. All of which means time and money saved over the course of the renovation.

3. Who Are You Renovating for?

This is perhaps the most important part of condo renovations. Far too many homeowners will renovate a home based on their own needs. Then, they try to sell the home and it isn’t quite as big a hit as they may have anticipated.

When preparing for the renovation process, have a clear idea of who you are renovating for. If it is for you, that is fine, but if you think that you may be selling in the near future, consider that. It may be better to make changes that will sell well rather than ones you like personally.

4. Know Your Limitations

As much as we would all like to go into the renovation process with an infinite budget, that just isn’t how life works. We are all working within specific parameters, which means finding the right labour and materials to get the job done.

That may mean not working on one area of the condo in favour of another that will have greater impact. It may mean going with a slightly less expensive material that will require bending or breaking of the budget. These limitations may not make themselves readily apparent, but are crucial to the process.

5. Flexibility Is Important

One of the biggest mistakes that get made during the renovation process is being inflexible. Important decisions are already made before the first hammer is brought out and that is not a bad thing. But being unable to move with the flow of the project is a huge flaw.

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Designs or materials don’t work out as they were imagined. Being able to pivot and move in a new direction is of the utmost importance. There is no one right way. It is about finding what works for the space and for you.

6. Dropped Ceilings

A lot of condos feature concrete ceilings, making it tougher to implement lighting changes. That is why it is so common to have drop ceilings installed instead. Yes, it will slightly lower the ceiling but it will also provide greater flexibility with lighting options.

This is not only helpful for lighting but for ceiling-related changes, such as using a hood fan or rerouting ventilation. Even better, you don’t lose all that much space while gaining improved flexibility and lighting that would not have been available otherwise. Depending on the height of the fixtures, that could mean 6- to 12-inches of drop ceiling.