Simple Things You Can Do to Earn Extra Money

So you have some spare time, and you would like to put it to use by finding a side hustle and making a bit of cash. There is always a gap in the market for enterprising individuals. Luckily, in today’s world, there are a variety of platforms tailored for different skill-sets.

Some find ways to pay for living costs like vehicle payments by driving for Uber or Uber-eats. While others find ways to do the things they enjoy as a source of a second income. The latter are examples of how to make money outside of work.

Generally, these secondary incomes are only enough to buy beers on the weekend or save for that new pair of sneakers. The fact remains that it’s enriching to your lifestyle. Daniel Bennet, our expert here, does precisely that, writing reviews for Canadian online casino real money.


Firstly you will have to love writing for this, but it is a creative way to make money. As is the case with everything, the beginning is always the toughest, and it takes time to build a good thing. But other than that, it is a simple process of obtaining a website and posting original content.

You can always start small with microblogging platforms like Tumblr. But once you get serious, you will need a subdomain like WordPress or self-host your blog.

It is a journey to fame, but people will pay to advertise on your site once you gain traction. Blogging is one of the most creative ways to make money.

Teach English online

If you have a passion for English and speak it like a native, then here is a chance to share the magic. Many companies need online tutors, and because you will be teaching it online, there is no limit to your reach around the globe.

Some companies want a bachelor’s degree or a TEFL qualification. Other sites like Tuttaroo allow you to apply, load your profile, and the clientele gets to decide whether they want you as a mentor.

Posting Online Casino Reviews

Here is how to make money online in a market that has great potential. The idea here is to write casino reviews through an affiliate program. Casinos turn to affiliates to gain exposure. When looking for a reputable casino, potential clientele turn to reviews for direction.

You determine your income by the number of customers you convert. The casinos’ AI keeps track of how many clients get channelled through your site. Your money will tally up, respectively.

Transcribe audio and interviews 

Finding remote Work From Home Transcription Jobs in Canada can be a bit like squeezing blood out of a stone. Especially since it seems like all the transcription jobs are in the US. They do exist for Canadians but appear in non-specific lists. 

This kind of work generally requires a laptop, audio transcription-software, a good headset and a foot pedal. There are even sites that offer transcribe online free service.

If you want to become a legal transcriptionist, some companies require a certificate.

Freelance for the right people and this is how to make quick money online.

Complete online surveys

There are surveying jobs out there that offer as much as 35 dollars per survey. This won’t make you millions on its own. Some companies specialize in this. Along with these surveys, you get to do various tasks, like data entry and customer services.

One has to be careful which sites you end up with as some survey companies are simply not worth the trouble. They advertise online, and after you go through a lengthy sign-up procedure, you think that you are ‘in.’ Then comes the surveys. 

Many people have done a survey which can take up to twenty minutes at a time. In the end, they are notified that they did not qualify for the survey. At this point, one asks oneself, ‘so what happens to the information?’

Don’t waste your time unless it is a job. 

Complete online surveys

Become a virtual assistant

Here you act as a secretary. If you have strong organizational skills and can multitask, then this is the job for you. Since we live in the cyber world as a virtual assistant, you will need a compound skill set. Some of the things you do are make bookings, set up reservations, manage calendars and prepare spreadsheets. These are the duties of a personal assistant and secretary.

The pay per hour can be anything from $22.00 per hour and upwards. If the candidate has certifications, he or she can charge a higher rate.

Selling stock photos

You can get money by posting your images on stock photo websites if you enjoy photography. They could be any photos that you already have in your phone or beautiful travel photos.

Bloggers and online advertisers are always looking for images for their websites that adhere to copyright laws. As a result, photo-sharing companies like Shutterstock and Depositphotos continuously work to expand their archives of unrestricted images. You can earn from $200 to $500 each month, depending on the number, quality, and originality of your images.

Rent out your car

You may hire out your car on websites like Turo and Getaround, just like you would your house or apartment on Airbnb, if you don’t want to drive people around as a Lyft or Uber driver. There are clear risks, but it depends. Your scenario has the potential to be very profitable. Possibly, you can make more than $3,500 per month by renting out your automobile for two to three days a week.

House-sitting, babysitting or pet-sitting

Although there is a lot of competition in this field, it is still possible to promote your services, expand your clientele, and develop a name through referrals and word-of-mouth advertising as well as reviews on the platforms you use.

The objective is to keep a steady customer that is dependable and devoted. Depending on where you reside, you can earn up to $100 per day as a house sitter, up to $20 per hour as a babysitter, and up to $18 per hour as a pet sitter.

Mystery shopping

This is in high demand since some people view it as their dream side hustle. While you’re already shopping, why not get paid while you do it? Mystery shoppers are used by market research companies to assess the quality of service at various restaurants and retail establishments. Look at websites like Elite CXS and Market Force to find chances. Mystery shopping side jobs often pay $23 per hour.

Creating playlist

Every gathering needs an upbeat playlist. The business strategy is straightforward: Users will pay for access to carefully curated playlists, and artists who wish to promote their music will pay to have their songs included in playlists. With the use of platforms like PlaylistPush, independent artists may have their music found by Spotify playlist curators and YouTube content creators. Curators can make between $1 and $6 for each song they review.

Quick Money

We have all wondered how to make quick money in one day.

Along with the previously stated, there are many other means of attaining a side income. Aside from winning a bet, there are very few traditional ways of making quick money in a day.