Simple Ways That Can Make Your Grocery Shopping A Lot Better

Grocery shopping is such an essential part of our lives. A core task that can be a quick trip to the shops or sometimes a more time consuming job, depending on what you need and how far ahead you’re planning. We all approach it in different ways and occasionally it can be frustrating or tiring.

These days there is such a vast array of products, brands and items that the amount of choice can be overwhelming. Everyone has their own preferences and products they use consistently. Sometimes we may need to explore some ways to make grocery shopping better, and there are definitely a few things you can do to achieve this.

Make things a little easier by:

  • Taking your own bags. Save on plastic but also avoid any incurred fees from using the supermarket bags (if they have them)
  • Trying an online delivery so you don’t have to physically go to the store

So How Can I Make My Grocery Shopping Better?

There are a few things you can seamlessly add into your grocery shopping routine today which may help improve the experience:

  • Firstly, make a list beforehand so you know exactly what you’re going to get. Especially when the store or shop is busy, it can be a drag rooting around trying to find what you need when everyone else is trying to do the same!
  • Maybe put some headphones in, listen to some music and enjoy finding what you need!
  • When you’re done getting all the essentials for you and others (if shopping for the household) give yourself a little treat as a reward for going. Maybe a cheeky chocolate bar or milkshake
  • Try to get enough provisions to last you for a while, especially at the moment during a pandemic. Having to constantly go back can take valuable time away from other things which we need to do. Plan forward and make things last!

How Can I Take Advantage Financially?

We’re all trying to cut our costs and save money. These days it can feel like we never actually see any of the money we make. We get paid, and it goes out almost straight away. So it makes sense to look out for ourselves and look at ways we can save money and maybe do things a bit more sensibly where possible.

Set yourself a clear budget. Doing this will help you control your finances and not allow any unnecessary overspending. You’ll then have more money for other areas of your life

Before planning your weekly grocery shopping, stop to think about this. There are many credit cards for supermarkets, but when looking to find the best one, you also need to know how this choice affects your wider personal financial plan. What some people may not know is credit card companies offer some great returns on your purchases of groceries at supermarkets:

  • Make the most of unique rewards systems
  • Get rewards on other areas besides groceries such as dining, Lyft, drugstores etc
  • Build up various bonuses over time
  • Some credit cards can give you pretty awesome welcome offers when joining too

So you could be doing your grocery shopping and benefitting in other areas without even knowing it. Wouldn’t it be great to go about your normal grocery shopping and build up points to use on your next takeaway or meal out? Buy your groceries and get rewarded across the board!

Is A Credit Card Right For Me?

Understanding and making the decision will be based on your personal financial situation. However, using a credit card would give you the rewards and benefits stated above. Credit can help with a wide array of things in your general personal life, leveraging finances to effectively plan forward and make sensible decisions.

Below are some initial benefits of taking advantage of credit:

  • Helps your personal cash flow with ‘buy now, pay later’
  • Ensures you have a ‘rainy days’ fund
  • Helps you to plan forward with some guaranteed funds for essentials like groceries and bills
  • Helps you manage anxiety and know you always have access to help when needed
  • Build up your credit score and puts you in better stead for later life. A good credit score goes a long when applying for a mortgage or trying to start a new business venture

So if you’re looking for simple ways to make your grocery shopping better, try the suggestions stated above and see how you get on. You could well transform your routine and improve your enjoyment of the whole process.

While grocery shopping is an essential expense for households and families, there are better ways to make it money-saving or affordable. Thus, it would be best if you planned before heading to your favorite supermarkets or grocery stores.

Remember, if you are shopping on a budget, you have to stick to your list. It will both save time and money on your part.

Some helpful tips to save time and money during grocery shopping

1. Go on grocery shopping on a full stomach. In this manner, you will avoid buying foods or snack items that you don’t usually buy or not on your list.

2. Spend your time grocery shopping at your familiar stores. In this way, you can easily spot the things you want to buy and be able to go home early.

3. Buy large packages in terms of snacks and juices. Then, make individual packages of these treats or snacks at home to quickly grab them when you are in a hurry.

4. Do not spend much on easy-packaged food items. You can slice your lettuce or shred your cheese at home.

5. Be familiar with your food storage. If you do not organize your food items, you might buy more food than you already have at home.

6. Monitor the expiry dates of the food items that you buy to avoid wastage.

7. Prepare a meal plan for the week before you go out for your grocery. Afterward, buy the food items that are found on the menu you have prepared. You can design your menu 3 or 4 days in advance.

8. As much as possible, go on grocery shopping only once a week.  

9. Shop when you are feeling well. If you have good energy during grocery shopping, you become focused on the items you need to buy.

10. Empty the stock of your fridge and cupboards once a month. Consume first the food items you bought before heading outside for grocery shopping.

11. Bring your discount coupons and use them during grocery shopping.

12. Avoid the so-called snacks on the run because these food items tend to be more expensive.

13. Do not be tempted to buy even if the items are “on-sale,” and you know that you will not be needing them at home.

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