Simple Tips To improve your fireplace Efficiency and Performance

A fireplace is a great amenity in the home. It provides the home with an extra dose of comfort and life in and out. The fireplace serves as a bonding tool for the family. Members of the family may sit around the burning flames to engage in different activities indoors, discuss and have a heart to heart conversations on various topics, tell stories or even to listen to a member read a favorite book to everyone.

Apart from serving as a bonding tool for the family, the gas log fireplace keeps the home and members of the family warm during cold weather while also supplying the house with sufficient light, especially when electricity is knocked out during winter. Make sure you contact the reputable Gas Log Service Forsyth County, GA provider to ensure your gas log fireplace is always in good condition.

The numerous benefits the fireplace offers the home, and members of the home make it essential that it be kept in the right conditions and maintained by trusted Chimney Sweep Long Island service providers to ensure it keeps performing at its best.

Why the fireplace must be maintained for efficient preformance 

Maintaining the fireplace, whether it is a gas fireplace or wood fireplace, is necessary to keep it working in good condition and efficient at radiating heat into the home. According to The New York Times, fireplaces can act as alternatives and help save on heating costs incurred from the living room.  Make sure you also consider options like an electric log fire as well.

Making your fireplace efficient is no day’s job, but keeping it clean to make and adding accessories to make it efficient does offer the home numerous benefits. These include;

  • Regular maintenance will help you identify problems that exist in your fireplace before it becomes a full-blown problem. These include drafting concerns, crumbling mortar or bricks, which may render the fireplace inefficient in its duty of keeping the home warm. Detecting these problems early helps to keep your fireplace safe for the home and enjoyable too.

  • Regular maintenance of chimney sweep indianapolis specialists help you discover if creosote is beginning to build up in your chimney line. A creosote build-up is a dangerous element to have in a home as it catches fire quickly, and this can cause a fire outbreak. Maintaining your fireplace will help you discover this early and, in turn, makes your home safe whenever you make use of the fireplace.

  • Maintaining your fireplace and keeping it efficient will save you lots of money on your energy bill. People do not consider their fireplaces as an excellent way to keep the home warm and end up spending so much on energy bills. Maintaining the fireplace and keeping it efficient means you can keep the house warm without having to pay so much for energy consumption. And if you’ve got problems with your chimney, all you have to do is to ask for help from the experts in Chimney Repair Long Island.

Tips to improve fireplace efficiency

To make the fireplace efficient, below are some tips you can try out.

1. Install Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace glass doors are significant in making your fireplace efficient. They act as a blockade between the fireplace and the living room.

The doors prevent a significant amount of air in the burning fireplace from getting lost in the chimney. Also, glass doors radiate heat to the home to keep the house warm and maintain the warm atmosphere.

Other benefits of adding a glass door to your fireplace include,

  • Improved Safety: Fireplace doors prevent sparks from the burning wood from getting out of the fireplace and causing bodily harm to members of the family. Also, wood logs may move from their position during burning and reel off the fireplace, and a fireplace door prevents the burning log from making contact with your living from and causing a fire or damaging property in the home.

  • Glass doors improve the energy efficiency of your fireplace.

  • Fireplace doors increase the heating provided by your fireplace. Instead of cordoning off the heat produced in the fireplace, the heat generated by the burning fire is dissipated into the room through the fireplace doors.

  • The chimney introduces cold air to the fireplace, but installing a fireplace door will keep smoke out and get rid of downdrafts effects caused by the chimney.

  • Apart from safety and improving the efficiency of fireplaces, fireplace doors update the look of your fireplace to a stylish and luxurious one. Fireplace glass doors are obtainable in numerous shapes, styles, and colors.

The fireplace can also be made into an intense center of attraction with the addition of a fireplace door. This means it adds aesthetic appeal to the fireplace and living room ultimately.

2. Add Fireplace Inserts

A fireplace insert can make the fireplace more efficient up to ten times more than without one. An insert is primarily a wood-burning stove that is positioned in the fireplace. It is designed specifically for transforming a fireplace into an efficient one and can improve the efficiency of your fireplace by 70%.

The inserts usually have a glass door attached to them, and they employ a chamber for heat exchange that has channels. The channels allow the passage of air and also suck up the heat.

3. Install A Chimney Top-Sealing Damper

Dampers are metal plates that open and close and are usually situated right above the chimney’s throat. Dampers regulate smoke and airflow that go into the home or travel through the chimney.

Dampers allow warm air to escape through the chimney and enable cold air into the home, which can disrupt the warmth and heating efficiency of the fireplace. Conventional dampers need to be replaced within a year or two. Adding a dryer vent is also another safety net as it eliminates excess heat accumulated during the dryer cycle, thus, preventing fire. You can ask for help from Dryer Vent Cleaning Union County, NC experts to handle the maintenance routine of your dryer vent.

It reduces cooling and heating costs of the home and makes your fireplace more efficient in keeping the home warm and saving energy.

4. Add Tube Heat Exchangers

The heat exchanger is made up of empty tubes that fit around the fireplace. The heat exchanger sucks cool air from the floor. The cold air is heated by fire from the fireplace and passed through the tube top into the room. They increase the efficiency of a fireplace significantly.

How to keep fireplace Clean

You can keep the fireplace clean in the following ways

  • Remove wood ashes when they begin to have a noticeable smell. Use a shovel to collect the ashes, put them in a bag, and dispose of the bag.

  • Get rid of soot on the fireplace walls and around the opening. Use a stiff brush along with hand gloves to clean soot off the fireplace.

  • Hire professionals to get rid of creosote from the walls of your chimney. Creosote is dangerous and a significant reason for chimney fire accidents. As a result, the chimney should be cleaned periodically by professionals to get rid of it.

  • Keep the glass door of the fireplace clean using a vinegar solution.

  • If there is a heat exchanger installed, make use of the vacuum cleaner to clean up debris that may be hiding around or inside the tubes.