Signs That You Must Consider Teen Treatment For Your Child

There are some teenagers that pass through their adolescence stage in quite a carefree and fun way, with little turmoil. While there are some that experience hard and troubling times. It could be either because of what turns their life takes or because of the physical and psychological challenges they go through while feeling them in a deeper way than others.

Certainly, there are always going to be broken-hearted parents who feel extremely guilty of certain choices they made as they see their teen’s behavior. They feel like they should’ve been more strict or more concerned about their teen’s activities. 

They say to themselves, I should’ve seen this coming or I should’ve been prepared for this phase. Maybe you also say this to yourself without realizing it. 

To see your kid acting up is difficult. But, unfortunately, blaming them entirely will cause the conflict to get worse. It will not only create more distance but will also lead to uncomfortable and difficult conversations. Obviously, because you don’t want to push your child away instead you want to make them feel your affection. 

So, what is normal teenage behavior and how will you know if you need professional help dealing with it. 

Types Of Depression In Teens

There are two types of teen depression, developmental and atypical.

Developmental depression is when a teen is starting to understand the hard facts about life. The times when they are feeling distressed and are looking for answers and ways to figure out life altogether. This is normal in all people however this creates internal unrest in personalities. It causes: 

  1. Social anxiety
  2. Mood swings
  3. Insomnia
  4. Occasional fatigue
  5. Loss of interest in some activities

Atypical depression is when your teen is experiencing deep developmental depression that results in serious emotional instabilities. It is triggered by: 

  1. A disability
  2. Trauma 
  3. Parental conflicts
  4. Bullying
  5. Death of a close person

Unlike developmental depression that is somewhat tolerable, atypical depression creates extreme negativity, hopelessness, frustration, and destructive obsessions. 

Sometimes, it can be difficult for a parent to consider what they’re teen is going through. Whether it’s a developmental depression where they need to be understood or atypical depression that might need professional help if the following red flags are there. 


If you see your teen hurting, hitting, or cutting themselves, they might be going through some extreme emotional turmoil and imbalances. Self-harming behaviors can escalate over time and that is why professional help is required. 

Chronic substance addiction or abuse

If you’re seeing your kid drink more often, it could be a sign that a serious problem is taking root. Substance abuse leads to serious addiction where you must consider going to teen treatment centers and rehab. It is going to be hard but it is necessary for a better future for your teen. 

Suicide attempts

Suicidal threats or actual attempts should be taken seriously instead of calling your teens dramatic. With high suicide rates among teens, professional help and attention is required and demanded all suicidal attempts or threats.