Sick of your partner’s weed habit? Here’s what to do…

Many people around the world smoke marijuana these days. Numbers have grown and it’s likely they’ll continue to do so as more countries around the world legalise the substance for both medical and recreational usage.

You may well have met your partner when they are already consumers of weed, but if it’s getting on top of you and you’re getting sick of them using it, then it could start to cause problems.

There are many reasons why you may want your partner to stop, from smaller more trivial reasons to quite serious ones that could damage a relationship and cause major health issues.

It could be as simple as they smell all the time of the drug, to the fact that they turn from a person full of life, into a lifeless shell.

Then of course there’s the legality of it and the health implications. While weed is used for recreational purposes, it can increase the risk of things such as cancer, damage oral hygiene and many other things, not least also becoming addicted.

Worrying about addiction is one of the most common reasons a person wants their partner to stop and putting them through weed withdrawal is the best method to do so. But how do you stop their habit if you’re getting a bit fed up with it?

Speak to them

First and foremost you just need to speak to them, perhaps when they aren’t under the influence of marijuana, or any other substance for that matter.

If it is getting to you, and you think their consumption has gone up, speak to them about it. They’re your partner after all and should be willing to listen.

Tell them how you feel and how them using the drug makes you feel and let the conversation be a two way street. It may be that you have to compromise initially and see them cut down, rather than give up completely.

Find support

Now, we’re not saying go behind their back and thrust rehab upon them, but finding ways they can get clean and overcome addiction can be really useful.

You can then have a discussion with your partner and lay out all the avenues available to them for treatment and you will be there as support every step of the way.

Note the damage it causes

Ultimately, it all involves a conversation with your partner, but if you can be as structured as possible within it you’re much more likely to get your point across.

If their drug taking has gotten out of hand and it’s causing multiple problems in a relationship, create a log of the problems and when you sit down to discuss their usage, highlight these problems to really allow them to understand the difficulties it’s causing within your relationship and even outside of that.

If your partner loves you, they’ll certainly want to do something about that.