Should My Partner and I Take a c Before Trying to Get Pregnant?

Contrary to popular belief, getting pregnant can be a lot of work. This is especially true as one gets older. Many couples put all kinds of work into the pregnancy process, picking the right days to make love and investing in various products and supplements.

Before doing all of this work, is it helpful to take a fertility test? It’s something many couples out there are considering in the modern era. Many men and women suffer from infertility problems and having this knowledge upfront can help save a lot of time and money in the long run.  Also click here if you are suffering from additional issues as well.

Should you and your partner take a fertility test before trying to get pregnant? Read on and we’ll walk you through everything you need to know.

Symptoms of Infertility

As we mentioned, pregnancy is not always easy to achieve. If you haven’t gotten pregnant but have only been trying for a few months, you might have nothing to worry about.

There are certain symptoms of infertility that you can keep an eye out for. If you’ve experienced many of these different symptoms, it can be worth investing in a fertility test.

A woman who has irregular periods or a history of miscarriages or pelvic diseases should see a doctor about potential damage to her fertility. If either partner has a history of thyroid problems or has suffered from cystic fibrosis, it might be worth looking into help from a medical professional.

Men who have trouble maintaining an erection or have issues ejaculating also might want to see a doctor about potential issues with their own fertility.

The older you are, the more likely it is you might want to see a doctor about your fertility. Women over the age of 35 might want to speak with a doctor if they’ve had trouble getting pregnant in the first few months of trying.

How Does A Fertility Test Work?

Is a fertility test right for you? It can also sometimes depend on how comfortable you are with the procedure. It’s important to note that proper fertility testing can take several months.

Most doctors will start with a thorough examination of your medical background. Women will need to have a pelvic exam, where nurses will look into the health of their fallopian tubes, their eggs, and the uterus.

Men will likely need to produce a semen sample that can be analyzed by a lab. Both men and women might need to have blood taken to check for various hormone levels.

If you are facing fertility issues, it doesn’t have to be the end of your child-bearing dreams. You can look into the requirements for surrogacy or even consider adopting a child.

Should You Do a Fertility Check

If you’re unsure why you’re not getting pregnant, it can be a good idea to look into taking a fertility test. The above information can help you determine if that is the right course of action for you.

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