Sheets for house sitters and baby sitters

The other day I realized that one of the most chaotic times in my house is when a baby-sitter or house-sitter comes over.  This is supposed to be the most fun time because I’m getting out of the house, but it usually ends up being chaotic!  I usually keep texting the sitter to let her know that I had forgot to tell her something such as the Wifi password or where the dog food is.  That’s when I created these sheets specifically for baby-sitters and house-sitters.  I keep a list of baby-sitters that I refer to when I need one, lists of important information for baby-sitters and house-sitters, and a list of important phone numbers in case they need them.  These are created as printables, so feel free to use them (just click on the images to pull them up as printables)!

I then created a folder for these so that I would be able to keep them together and grab one when I needed it.

If you have confidential information on these sheets, I would keep them in a locked file.  I use a file for all of my papers anyway, so this is where I chose to keep the folder.

When the baby-sitter or house-sitter arrives, you can fill out the sheets, and then hang them up.  Simple!  I like to hang mine in the kitchen so they can find it easily.  I’ll either use a magnetic chalk board, or a clipboard on a cork board.

This organization always makes life easier for our sitters because they can quickly reference information.  It also makes my life easier because I can leave the house without having to stress out about anything I may have forgotten to tell the sitter.  It also saves time because I can reuse the same sheet multiple times and do not have to explain everything each time I use a baby-sitter or house-sitter.  I hope this is helpful for you!  Enjoy the printables!