Rewarding jobs that make a difference in people’s lives

For some people, a career is just about making money and climbing the corporate ladder but for many of us, we seek a sense of fulfilment through our working lives. There is nothing wrong with working to earn money and be monetarily successful but if that is not the life you want then you may be interested in a career that makes a positive difference in peoples lives.

1. Medicine and healthcare

This is probably the first sector that comes to mind when considering a fulfilling career in which you can give back to society. But it does not just have to mean doctors and nurses, there are a million different routes you can take in healthcare. Have you considered becoming a speech and language therapist, physiotherapist, counsellor, or occupational therapist? Check out this occupational therapy college for an insight into how this qualification can lead you to a fulfilling career in which you will have an invaluable impact on your patients’ lives.

2. Politics and activism

Another obvious choice for a job seeker looking to make a difference. What better way to bring about positive change in society than by influencing policy? If you have a cause or an issue that you feel passionate about, make this the focus of your career and work towards raising awareness or improving relevant policies.

3. Careers with charities

These careers can come in all shapes and sizes. Typical careers that may seem unfulfilling in a high pressure, corporate environment take on a new face when you are working for a non-profit organisation. You can carry over any of your skills or experience from previous jobs and apply it to the same role. More exciting or fulfilling roles within a charity could be those in fundraising or marketing.

4. Social or community work

Training as a social worker could lead you to a career working with young people and children or vulnerable adults. You could work with at-risk teens, focus on child protective services or work with adults with disabilities – these kinds of careers are the most emotionally difficult but also the most fulfilling and you will be making a huge difference to many vulnerable people’s lives.

5. Education

Another way in which you can help mould the future generation is to embark on a career in education. This could also lead you to work with children with special educational needs if you choose this path.

6. Emergency services

This is similar to healthcare work but really gets you involved on the frontline. Consider a job as a firefighter, police officer or EMT for a high-pressure, high-risk career with the potential to be incredibly rewarding.

7. Legal careers

Lawyers have a bad reputation, but they are not all soulless money grabbers – many people get into law with the intention of making a positive difference. You can specialise in a field such as human rights or environmental law or use your qualifications to undertake pro bono work for those that need it.