Reasons you need air conditioner repair in Forney, TX!

Is your air conditioner not running? Maybe you’re wondering why it stopped working. There are many possible reasons for this, but if you have an idea of what the problem is then you can start to diagnose the issue before calling for air conditioner repair in Forney, TX. In this blog post, we will discuss common reasons that your AC might be malfunctioning and how to fix them so that it starts up again!

Reasons your Air Conditioner is Not Running

1. Your Air Conditioner is Dirty

Your air conditioner requires regular maintenance to run properly.

If you aren’t doing any type of cleaning or maintenance on your AC, then there might be dirt built up in the unit that will prevent it from running.

This can cause a number of problems like noise when the fan turns on and off (commonly called “squealing”), clicking noises when starting up—and worse cases where nothing happens at all!

So, what do you need to clean? Most homes have filters in their system; if yours does not, then they are easy enough to install after purchasing them at an HVAC store near you. These filters help remove pollutants so that only clean air is circulated in your home.

In addition to cleaning the filters, you should be checking for dirt and debris that can get into your air conditioner when it’s running: leaves, branches, and other organic material like worms or insects—yes even bugs! Dirt and dust will eventually build up so if you do not clean around the unit which we recommend at least once a year then this could cause problems. Also, another good time to check would be after wind storms since these types of events tend to blow things out of place quite easily.

If you find any dirty areas such as parts where water might accumulate (like near drain lines), use a cloth or brush with soft bristles along with some mild soap solution mixed together to wipe away the dirt. Remember to focus on areas where you can see dirt, but also check for places that are normally hidden (such as behind or under drip pans).

Don’t forget your filters! After washing them try restarting your air conditioner and see if it works now. If not, then there might be another problem with your unit so call a professional or schedule the best AC services in Forney TX where the HVAC technician will come out and inspect everything for you free of charge.

2. Your Air Conditioner is not turning on

If your AC unit isn’t running, then there are a few things to check before assuming the worst and calling for service right away. Remember that an HVAC system can be very complex with many different parts working together—so it’s important to take some time trying simple things first before giving up hope! For example, if you have recently installed new light bulbs in your home but they aren’t yet hot enough to turn the AC on, then this could cause problems even though everything else seems fine (i.e., thermostat settings). Another thing you should try would be checking all of your electrical switches just in case one accidentally got turned off.

3. The Thermostat is set too low

If you have recently adjusted your thermostat to a lower setting, then this can prevent the AC from turning on. This often happens when homeowners are trying to save money by adjusting the temperature down at night or while they’re away during the day—which may result in a comfortable room if it were 70 degrees outside, but not so much once it drops below 55! So, make sure that all of your settings are higher than 55 before thinking about anything else (i.e., check for any tripped breakers).

Additionally, if you suddenly notice that your air conditioner isn’t working correctly even though no changes had been made prior; i.e., maybe someone had turned it off, then you might have a faulty thermostat. This is usually due to some electrical problem that can cause them not to work properly (or at all) even though they are brand new and have never been used before.

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