Reasons Why A Citrus Juicer Is Worth The Investment


A juicer can revolutionize your life, to be frank. There are a dozen reasons why getting your citrus juicer is a good move. Whether you’re looking to reduce your waistline or your expenditures, a citrus juicer can do both. What else do you need to know?

It’s not all about serious business though. Maybe you’re in it for the thrill. And a citrus juicer can promise just that. Fresh juice, sweetened to your liking is much better than the bottled stuff people are used to. Being able to juice at will also means you will always enjoy the freshest, most nutritious, and delicious juice available. How exciting!

But maybe you aren’t convinced, then it’s time to read on so you can discover a few more ways that buying a citrus juicer can improve your health and save you money.

Fresh Is Best

If you are concerned with living a long and healthy life, it’s time to order your life around specific activities that will improve you and your family’s well-being. Buying pre-processed juices pumped full of additives and preservatives is not the way to go. You’ll never need to drink juice from concentrate again if you get your juicer.

Of course, fresh is best. Not only are there several scientific reasons to drink it fresh, but also drinking fresh juice puts the power back into your hands. Now, you can always have it fresh whenever you want, without tons of HFCS, and without poorly researched chemical additives. While eating or drinking fresh vegetables and fruits have the same nutritional content, it’s a lot easier to drink a bundle of celery and two apples than it is to eat them.

With juicing you are able to easily exceed your daily recommended values of fruits and vegetables. Plus, liquids are easily absorbed. More so than, raw vegetables which can disturb your digestive system if eaten in large quantities.

It’s likely that you’ll only ever need to add a little sugar at most. That’s much better than who knows what that they put it at the factory.

This alone should have you fantasizing about the delicious juice you’re going to be drinking. But you need to slow your roll and make sure you invest in the right juicer. There are a few that are better than others. The reviewers over at have put together a review of some of the most popular citrus juicers available. Whatever you do, check out some reviews and the specs so you know the capability of your purchase.

Become A Juice Guru

When you have your own juicer, you can unlock your creative potential. Never again will you get bored of the same old juice blends. You’re free to make and mix any juices you want to create your own special blends, this time they won’t be 90% apple juice either. You can go to the market and pick from what they have available, you can dream up your wildest creations, and you can look online for some good starting points.

Even if you don’t have a creative juicing bug, now you can check out some of the best juice recipes available online. You can even read about the benefits of some super fruits & vegetables, then you can formulate a juicing plan that is perfect for your health and energy needs.

A citrus juicer isn’t just limited to making juice for drinking. There are lots of different foods and beverages you can make with your juicer.

  • Just add a little ice cream and milk for fruit-flavored milk shakes
  • Sorbet and sherbets
  • Citrus infused chocolates, pastries, and even orange chicken
  • Juice from citrus fruits can be used in cosmetics, like a lemon face scrub
  • Cleaning agents

Following up with even a few of these tips will advance your juicing skills and make you the local juice guru in your circle of friends. After they try your new fresh juice orange sorbet, they’ll never stop bothering you for another scoop.

Juice Up Your Wallet

Buying premade juices, whether from a local juice company or bottled, isn’t easy on the pocketbook. If you want to do a juice fast, cut down on preservatives, or just love to drink juice, a citrus juicer will help you make that dream come true.

No longer will your juicing aspirations drain your bank account. Because now, you only need to pay the price of the fruit itself and anything you might add. You might consider spicing up your nutrition with all-natural supplements like vitamins, glutamine, spirulina, or whatever you want to meet your health and nutrition needs. Good luck and happy juicing!