RC2248 How to Replace an Insulated Glass Unit with a Tape Glaze

An average house loses 10% of its heat through the windows. Heat loss through the windows and other surfaces in homes leads to an increase in utility expenses, and discomfort caused by extreme temperatures. This has seen most homeowners remodel their homes to make them more energy-efficient. One of the areas that are given focus is the windows. Insulated glass is very effective in reducing heat loss in homes. 

What are Insulated Glass Units?

What are Insulated Glass Units

Insulated glass units are windows that are made of two or more panes of glass. Noble gases such as argon are then blown between the layers of the glass. Alternatively, a vacuum can be created, which also acts as an insulator. The gas prevents the warm air from inside the house from leaking through the windows. Also, it prevents cold air from outside from getting into the house, hence keeping it insulated. 

Insulated glass units, therefore, consist of layers of tempered or laminated glass, gas, and spacer. 

Signs that your insulated glass units need replacement 

Signs that your insulated glass units need replacement

Insulated windows can reduce your energy bills significantly if they are functioning optimally. However, you will notice that with time, the energy bills may experience some changes. Besides that, there are other signs that your windows need replacement.

1. You can hear a lot of noise from outside

You can hear a lot of noise from outside

Insulated units also have sound control properties. Therefore, if you notice that you hear more noise from outside lately, then it is a sign that your windows need to be fixed. 

2. Window frames are chipped

Window frames are chipped

Chipped window frames will not provide the insulated unit the support it needs. More so, it means that the seal that the frame is supposed to provide is not there. Such signs of rot are indicators of the gas between the panes leaking or the presence of small cracks on the windows, which lowers its insulating capability.

3. You can feel a breeze

You can feel a breeze

If you are feeling a draft even when the windows are closed, then you need to replace your units. If air is flowing in so freely, then it means that your windows can no longer insulate your house, and it will only be a matter of time before your energy bills start going up.

The other signs include condensation between the panes of glass.

Types of glass replacements for Insulated Glass Units

 There are different types of replacement that you can do for your insulated glass. That is single glass replacement, double glass replacement, and triple glass replacement.

1. Single glass replacement

Single glass replacement

This can be used in the form of a Low-E IGU glass unit. It is characterized by a thin layer of passive coating that prevents infrared light from passing through the window. The thin coating maintains the temperature inside your house by reflecting heat inside. The same happens to the outside temperature; it is reflected away hence providing UV protection. This type of single glass replacement can come in two varieties. There is a coating that reflects the interior temperature to prevent leakage. The other variety is used in cold climates to allow some UV rays into the house, hence providing the needed heat.

2. Double glass replacement

Double glass replacement

You can increase the energy efficiency of your home by doing a double-glazed replacement. These windows are made using two panes of glass, which can either be tempered or laminated. An inert gas like argon into the space between the two panes to insulate the windows. The edges are then sealed to keep the gas intact. 

3. Triple glass replacement

Triple glass replacement

Triple glass replacement is made with triple glazed glass. Triple glazing includes three layers of glass. This unit also has inert gases blown between the panes. However, this unit performs better than the double glazed as the glass is thicker and heavier. 

Steps to replace Insulated Glass Unit with Tape Glaze

Here are the steps for replacing an insulated glass unit with a tape glaze.

1. Get the measurements of the window

Get the measurements of the window

The first step will be to get the measurements of the window in order to get the right size of the tape. You should take the height, width, and thickness. Once you have this, choose a tape that is thick enough to support the weight of the glass unit. Also, it should perfectly fit the edges of the unit, without being visible on the window once it is installed.

2. Cut the tape

Cut the tape

Cut the tape according to the measurements cut strips of tape glaze that will be enough to span all the sides of the window. That is all four sides. Also, if you cut the ends straight, there might be some overlapping. To prevent this, cut the tape at an angle. 

3. Prepare the glass, and stick the tape

Prepare the glass, and stick the tape

If the glass has any bumps, smooth them. Also, ensure that it is clean before attaching the tape. Once it is ready, stick the tape on the edges of the insulated glass unit. Press the tape on the glass to eliminate air bubbles as you go. This should end in a neat finish with no tape overlapping. 

4. Prepare the window for installation

Prepare the window for installation

With your insulated glass unit ready, the only thing remaining now is installation. You need to prepare the window by getting rid of any rubber present on the window seal and broken glasses too. The glazing tape has a backing, which should be removed in order to install the unit on the casement. Once removed, place the unit on the casing, pressing down the unit against it to ensure the tape glaze has adhered. You can then install a rubber sealant to seal the edges of the window. Check if everything is aligned properly.

When insulated windows stop functioning correctly, the energy bills increase. You should regularly inspect your insulated windows to ensure that they are in good shape. Replacing an insulated unit is a pretty easy job that you can do with a sealant. The steps above will guide you in doing a perfect replacement.