RC2079 Why Every Luxury Homes Installed Frameless Shower Enclosure despite Some Drawbacks?

Everyone wants to enjoy the feel of having a luxurious lifestyle. People do different things to make their lifestyle luxurious. Many start from making their place better by installing the latest products and gadgets. Having a luxurious bathroom adds one point to that list.

Installing a frameless shower enclosure is a great way to make a bathroom more luxurious, as it offers numerous benefits. Other than this, many little things can be installed in your bathroom, but this enclosure makes the biggest difference. This is because it covers the most part of your bathroom.

When the most part of your bathroom looks aesthetically better, it automatically adds to the luxuries in your place. Many better things about the shower enclosure are all discussed in detail below.

High-Class & Luxury appearance

High-Class & Luxury appearance

The first point that gets most people to install these in their bathrooms in its appearance. Usually, most people have regular shower curtains in their homes. Some don’t even have those. This causes many problems. Firstly, the water spills everywhere in the bathroom which takes more time to clean and dry.

Problems that you may face when not having them

This ruins the appearance of your bathroom. Other than this, if you like to have a warm or a hot shower. The steam gets everywhere in the bathroom and makes the mirrors steamy and dampens the walls. In closed places, this can lead to causing a bad smell. This ruins the bathroom experience of your place.

Main benefits of using them  

Getting a frameless shower enclosure installed in your bathroom could easily get rid of all these problems. At the same time, it adds a lot to the viewing experience of your bathroom. It looks very attractive and practical at first sight. This can make any guest a fan of your bathroom just because of its appearance.

Versatile design options

Versatile design options

Thinking about the design options, there are options even more than what you can think of. There are unlimited customization options available. You can even select the tone and style of the enclosure to match the interior of your bathroom and your house. This will look very attractive. Some customization options are:

Plain glass enclosure

This is the most famous type of glass enclosure as it not only looks pleasing, but there is also the see-through option for if you want to watch some television or some other device placed in your bathroom.

Blind glass enclosure

Blind glass enclosure

This style makes the glass blind by using the technique of sandblasting. This causes the glass to get a milky finish, which has some benefits to it.

  • The drops of water don’t stay on the surface of the glass.

  • It is easier to clean.

  • More than one person can use the bathroom at the same time because it provides additional privacy.

Colored glass enclosure

This is just some transparent glass, but some color is added to it while production, which gives it added pleasure for the sight. Other than appearance, there are not more practical applications as the color serves only for aesthetics.

Vinyl applied glass enclosure

Vinyl applied glass enclosure

This type has got popular in recent years. Here a sheet of thin vinyl is applied to the surface of the glass, which makes the glass not see-through. This also has some benefits as those of the blind glass. Additionally, the glass becomes more secure.

Create a Vivid bathroom

For installation, the adhesive sealants and the frames that are used to secure the glass are made from premium materials. This not only makes the whole setup more elegant, but it also makes it structurally strong and efficient.

Safe and Durable

Safe and Durable

The shower curtains or open showers can be very dangerous for many reasons. These reasons can be accidentally slipping in the bathroom or getting electrically shocked. There are countless possibilities of injuring yourself. However, with the frameless shower enclosure, you get the option of added security.

Some intelligent decisions that you can make

As you are bathing in an enclosed space, it significantly reduces the possibility of getting injured. For added security, you can also add some anti-slip sheets at the floor and some handles to hold. All of these things make the bathroom stronger and better for you because having curtains or open shower areas can be very dangerous.

The enclosures made with glass are also better in terms of durability if compared to the shower curtains because the shower curtains need to be replaced, washed, and repaired now and then.

Maintenance is much easy

Maintenance is much easy

When you install these enclosures, the amount that you need to spend on maintenance reduces a lot. This is because the glass is a lifetime product and it never wears out if it is taken good care of. All you need to do is to keep the enclosure clean from inside and out. And if you never break the glass by accident, it will surely never break on its own. It eventually makes the cleaning process super quick and hassle-free. All in all, these types of shower doors happen to be the easiest to maintain.

The illusion of widen space

As the enclosure is very sleek in its form factor and design, it creates an illusion that it is very spacious. This is because the curtain takes a lot of space in the bathrooms even if it is closed. This also creates a messy look of your bathroom, but these enclosures keep things clean and managed.

Some drawbacks

Some drawbacks

People who want luxury in their life usually ignore the small drawbacks of the things that they like. However, like every other thing, the frameless shower enclosure also has some drawbacks which are discussed here.


If compared to shower curtains or other alternatives, they cost a lot more. This is because the materials used are premium quality and they are very long-lasting.

Chance of water leakage

In some cases, where the things have not cared in a good way, or the surface of your bathroom does not allow any adhesive to stick to them, there can be possibilities of leakage. However, this is a very small issue and can be easily removed.

Buying decision points regarding your shower enclosure

Every person has his mindset for buying things; here we will tell you some salient features about these enclosures that will help you in making your buying decision.

  • They look and feel elegant.

  • They are a lot more practical than they seem to be.

  • They provide you with space efficiently utilized.

  • They cost less on repairs, so they can be considered a lifetime investment.

  • The structure is strong and secure.

By means of all these features of this product, you can decide between buying it. Considering your budget and bathroom size and situation, you can choose the design and the size that appears to be the best.