Questions to Ask When Booking a Private Island Honeymoon Destination

Private island resorts are great honeymoon destinations as they offer the best combination of beauty, comfort, and luxury. They offer romantic natural settings, adventures on land and sea, and the opportunity to experience fascinating cultures.

There are so many romantic resort options for a honeymoon, including Sandals Royal Caribbean. Each private island offers different amenities and experiences that come at a specific price. So, you need to be mindful when booking a private island honeymoon.

To ensure the honeymoon is a blissful experience for both, it is good to ask a few questions to gather as much information as possible.

Does the Private Island Resort Specialize in Honeymoon Planning?

Tourism is a major economic sector in the Caribbean. As per recent statistics, around 26.3 million foreigners visited the region in 2019. The honeymoon is expected to be the trip of a lifetime. The destination you select should be romantic, exciting and provide an overall memorable and special experience.

Private island resorts like Sandals Royal Caribbean specialize in honeymoon planning. They have a honeymoon suite with a standard size room, a balcony, and a large hot tub. The package includes chilled champagne on arrival, delicious chocolates or strawberries, and fresh flowers in your room.

Does the Private Island Have Regular Visitors?

Almost all couples going on honeymoon want to have as much privacy as possible. Hence, private island resorts do not allow non-guests on the island, ensuring all couples on the island have complete privacy in every corner of the island, not just in their rooms.

Does the Private Island Offer Butler Service?

Butler service is a personalized and specialist service to make the guests feel special, helping make their stay in the private island resort memorable. Private islands have many options when it comes to food. Having a private butler service means you can pamper your special one with delectable food anytime and anywhere.

The service isn’t limited to preparing food only. Your butler will act as your own personal assistant, maid, and anything else you need them to be. The butler will unpack and pack your clothes, have them cleaned, make reservations on your behalf, fetch food and drinks for you and suggest perfect romantic or picturesque spots on the island for you and your partner.

What Are the Travel Facilities Offered From the Airport to the Private Island?

According to recent data, the Caribbean has more than 15 international airports for visitors. So, you must make sure to look for the closest airport to your destination to minimize traveling time and expenses.

Depending on the private island you choose as your honeymoon destination, you could have a private chartered plane, ferry, or boat ride to reach your honeymoon destination. Some packages also include pick-up and drop-off services from and to the airport, so make sure you check if the resort you choose offers these services.

What Activities Are Available?

Some private island resorts offer activities such as water skiing and sailing that let you get a closer look at sea life without getting wet. These resorts also have places to enjoy sports like golf, volleyball, cricket, basketball, and many more.