Protect your South Florida Home from Storms with Hurricane Glass Windows

When it comes to bad weather and storms, no other can compare to the power of a hurricane. For areas where a home is susceptible to hurricanes and other intense storms, having a hurricane window is a good idea. There is nothing better than having a solid hurricane window to withstand the force when you need to protect your home and property. With the thorough engineering that is used to create such a highly durable window, a hurricane window offers the most protection.

Background History

A hurricane window has a long history that dates back to the early 20th century as glassmakers were trying to determine the best method to develop a glass that could work perfectly for the automobile’s windshield. However, when Hurricane Andrew struck South Florida in 1992, the use of hurricane glass windows became identified as a great way to provide home protection. Following the destructive hurricane, South Florida officials were determined to improve the current codes for all homes and buildings. This was when the hurricane window made its official appearance.

Manufacturing Process for a Hurricane Window

The manufacturing process for a hurricane window is not the same for a regular glass pane. Because of their complicated nature, a few standards need to be reached to maintain high quality. The standards need to be contacted for quality purposes and require the strength to resist the force of a hurricane. The windows can also provide excellent security to prevent home invasions or even an explosive blast outside of hurricane protection

With a hurricane window, they are layered with lamination similar to a vehicle windshield. Being layered will prevent the glass from breaking. As opposed to ordinary window glass, any breakage sustained will be minimal, and the pieces will be very dull. Although to guarantee that the strength is up to par, much testing is conducted on them.

Hurricane Window Costs

Windows that can withstand a hurricane are an investment. However, the benefit is higher than the risk of not including them. Once installed, you may experience a tremendous amount of savings down the road as they avert damage from storms, reduce the chance of break-ins and lower your electric bill. Besides that, you could save even more money on your homeowner’s insurance by installing hurricane glass windows.

A quality hurricane window complete with installation can efficiently run as much as $60 for every square foot. Compared to regular windows, the price of a hurricane window, designed for high impact, can run anywhere $1,800 to $3,500 and up depending on the size, product line and features.

Amount of Strength that Goes Into Hurricane Windows

The strength of a hurricane window needs to withstand Category 5 hurricanes and winds that reach more than 150 mph and any debris flying through the air. A Florida hurricane window goes through special testing and approval to ensure it is able to withstand the required impact. Aside from that, a hurricane window can also endure extreme air pressure, such as those experienced during a hurricane.

Determining If Hurricane Windows Will Be Good For You

The required hurricane windows will be determined by building codes that govern your area. The regulations may force you to install hurricane protection in any window replacement, renovation or new construction you wish to undertake. Before you start any project, make sure to know what the building code requires regarding hurricane windows in your area.

You may find them beneficial for areas that do not require hurricane windows as an excellent home improvement. This is because the window can not only withstand a storm, but can also deter break-ins.  The window structure can easily stay together without falling apart even when hit by a baseball bat. They are designed as a solid window that needs to preserve the home´s integrity during a storm. Plus, due to their ability to prevent weather from sneaking in, they can also help by providing a vast amount of insulation for the home.

Benefits of Hurricane Windows

  • Storm protection
  • The increased amount of insulation
  • It easily soundproofs a home from outside noise
  • Helps protect against break-ins

Bottom Line

When the window can withstand a storm, the entire home structure can easily stay together. Thus, it is integral to consider hurricane windows for the protection of the whole building. This article covers a brief history of hurricane impact windows & some of their significant perks to consider.