Prom Night Checklist To Help You Remember All of the Big Night Essentials

The closer prom gets the more stressful it becomes. You’ll start to wonder if you’ve chosen the right dress, have you got the best hairstyle or selected the right accessories. It’s very easy to get caught up worrying about the event and forgetting to enjoy the prom, including the build-up.

Fortunately, you can create a prom night checklist that will ensure you’re ready and can relax, allowing you to enjoy the night.

The Dress

By prom night you should already have picked the best possible prom dress. This isn’t something you can leave until the last minute. However, you should get the dress out in the morning and hang it to air. This also allows you to inspect it and make sure it looks perfect.

Even on the morning of your prom, you have time to deal with issues concerning your prom dress. That’s not the case if you don’t look at it until the evening.


Another thing that needs to be worked out before the prom is your hair. It’s best to speak to your hairdresser regarding the style that works best for you. They will appreciate a photo of your dress to help create the perfect hair.

The best way to ensure this part of your prom is ready is to book an appointment well in advance and have your hair done the day of the prom.


Most people prefer to do their own make-up. That’s fine. But, again, you’ll want to know what you’re doing before the big night. Spend some time experimenting with different make-up techniques and find what works for you.

Then, a few days before the prom have a practice run and make sure you have enough of all your products. This will make it much less stressful on the night. In fact, doing your make-up should be really easy.

Secure Your Date

Traditionally, men asked women to the prom. However, in modern society values have changed and you can ask anyone you like to the prom. Don’t wait to be asked, it’s fine to ask that special someone yourself and, once you have a yes, check what they are wearing.

You don’t have to be coordinated but you don’t want to clash.

Don’t forget, you don’t have to go to prom with a date, it’s okay to go with friends if you prefer.

Plan Your Transport

Speak to your friends about how they are getting to the prom. It can be fun to travel in a limo or similar car together. You may simply be meeting near the prom venue so that you can all arrive together.

Anything is acceptable, you simply need to arrange it beforehand and check with everyone on the day of the prom.

Don’t forget, you’ll want to choose your jewellery in advance and you may need a special bra or pants to go with your chosen dress.

Providing you think about these details in advance, you won’t need to be stressed about your big night and can simply enjoy it.