Progressive Slots In Betting Explained

Yes, you can play progressive slots and win. These slot machines are ideal if you enjoy taking risks for huge wins.

Many gamers prefer progressive slot machines because of their high payouts. In 2018, a slot player placed an online bet on Mega Moolah’s progressive jackpot and won $18.9 million. The odds of winning such amounts of money are 1 in 50 million players. Notably, these wins and odds encourage gamers to play progressive slot machines.

Progressive Slot Machines Explained

A progressive slot machine is a gaming device that allows players to spin and win a prize called a jackpot. This prize increases each time a player plays and loses a jackpot. A casino owner decides the amount of money a slot adds to the jackpot after a game. The machine also carries forward the prize a player loses to the next spin. Some casinos link several progressive slot machines together because the number of players and the value of bets directly influence the amount of a prize. Slot machines display these jackpots in boldly colored LED lights to entice customers.

How Progressive Slot Machines Work

How Progressive Slot Machines Work

A casino determines the fraction of the money it directs to a jackpot from a player’s wagers. For instance, if a casino’s house edge is 5%, its owners may deduct 1% of its expected profits from the jackpot. Notably, casinos are willing to part with a portion of their profits because of their profit margins.  Casino owners can change a jackpot’s meter and take advantage of fractions pooled from each spin to pay a win. Players also love the prospects of winning a big jackpot so progressive slots are a suitable revenue stream.

You must wager all the credits in a play to win in a progressive slot game. Regardless of the number of credits, all wagers contribute to a jackpot. Consequently, a 10-credit jackpot rakes a bigger jackpot prize than a 5-credit jackpot. After you spin, a slot machine must display the highest combination of payoffs for you to win. For instance, a winning jackpot combines and displays five valuable symbols like cherries and lemons on the slot. Slot machines also display an amount of money known as a payout. Casinos calculate this money by multiplying the number of regular payouts by the least number of qualifying bets.

Online Progressive Slot Machines

Online Progressive Slot Machines

Online slots machines work like physical slots. You can sign-up on a gaming site and create a personal profile before you play. Your slot app or website adds a small fraction of each bet you place to a jackpot. You must deposit a wager before you spin an online slot. These jackpots are convenient for players who love spinning a gaming slot from the comfort of their homes.

How Often Does A Progressive Slot Hit?

There’s no clearly defined number of times a progressive slot machine hits a jackpot. However, smaller jackpot credits pay faster. Casinos set these machines to payout in varying frequencies. Some slots pay 2 times a week and others pay once a month. Notably, it’s impossible to know when you’ll win on a progressive slot machine because its algorithm triggers a hit randomly.

Are Progressive Slots Worth It?

Are Progressive Slots Worth It

Progressive slots are ideal for individuals who want one big win and are willing to risk more money. If you want to play it safe you can play less volatile games on Malaysia mobile slots game site.  You can use a trusted site to play to ensure your possible wins are secure.

Research the maximum bets in a progressive slot game and choose a number that suits your finances. If you don’t have money, you can reduce your number of spins or wagers based on the information you’ll learn. Lastly, choose popular progressive slots because their high traffic translates to huge payouts. These tips can boost your luck as you play on your next progressive slot.


Progressive slots machines use a percentage of a player’s wager to create a jackpot’s total prize. Progressive jackpots are popular because of their huge prize monies. The rise of online betting made these slots more convenient to use. Choose these slots when you’re willing to incur risks.