Productivity Under Stress – 5 Ways To Cut The Noise At Home

This is not speaking figuratively. When you talk about noise during work timings in NYC, it means literal noise and excessive sounds that you have to deal with practically every day in your house. This can really impact your productivity, especially when you are working from home.

At times, it can be very difficult to conduct a simple remote meeting of four people given the decibel count throughout the day. That’s right. You may have a noisy house but you may not realize it until you have to conduct a group huddle at home or perhaps sit through a meeting for more than an hour. What can be done about it? Let’s find out:

1. Noise Cancellation Earphones

Noise-cancellation earphones are fun to use. If your work doesn’t require you to get involved very frequently with your teammates or perhaps attend remote meetings and/or conferences throughout the day, you can invest in a pair of noise-cancellation headphones. Some of them are so effective that you won’t even notice your baby crying beside you (good or bad, you decide).

2. Think About Earplugs

Again, earplugs are going to prove to be very useful, especially if your job demands you to be in isolation. You do not have to look for a separate room but only a pair of earplugs that fit into your ears well enough. They are also suitable for you if your work involves a lot of research and requires you to be with your thoughts for an extended period of time, away from your spouse.

3. Soundproofing Your Rooms

You can look for soundproof paint or maybe some padding materials that help you keep the sound muffled so that it does not reach across to other rooms in your house. The next option is to go with a soundproof windows nyc company that can keep the noise from the street away. Another option is to invest in furniture pieces and carpeting that absorb all the unnecessary sounds in your house. Remember, the harder the surfaces in your home the noisier it is going to be.

4. Find Your Quiet Space

Finding your quiet space literally means looking for a room in your home that does not have so much noise. There has to be some room or a corner or perhaps an area where your children won’t reach you. This is going to be your new brainstorming venue and you are going to love working in this spot. It is one of the most effective but temporary solutions to this problem.

5. Compartmentalize Your Responsibilities

You might be in charge of performing various jobs and tasks throughout the day. Some of them may require a lot of concentration while others are your run-of-the-mill and usual tasks. The ones that require you to be with your thoughts and a lot more concentration should be done within the time window when there is little to no noise at home.


If you have been dealing with a noisy environment at your house in New York, the only way to break through it is to confront the problem and find permanent solutions. The failure to do so is only going to hamper your productivity.