Preparing for house guests

As you all know, or at least as you’ve been able to gather by looking through my blog, I’m big on planning.  There are times when planning is less important, and times when it’s more important.  Trust me on this one: having house guests is a time when planning is absolutely essential.  I hope this post and the printable checklist at the end make the process easy and enjoyable for you.

Most of the useful information in this post is found in the printable.  There you will find all of the tasks that can easily be forgotten when hosting guests.  The printable includes all of the necessary tasks such as cooking and cleaning.  It also includes the extra effort you can take if you want to be the hostess with the mostest.

A Note About Last Minute Guests

In this case, obviously there’s less planning you can do.  The best bet here is to always be prepared for house guests, especially if you have teenagers.  When you’re able, keep extra snacks, clean sheets, clean towels, and extra hygiene products on hand (especially toothbrushes).  Doing this will alleviate a lot of the stress of last minute overnight guests.

Hosting and Entertaining

Usually you will not only be hosting the house guests, you’ll also be entertaining them and serving as your city’s tour guide.  For this reason, you’ll need to plan both the logistics of having extra bodies to house and activities for them.  The printable checklist will help break down these processes, but you’ll want to remember that planning both is important.


Checklist for Hosting House Guests (in Word): Preparing for House Guests

Checklist for Hosting House Guests (in pdf): Preparing for House Guests