Popular Dog Breeds That Are Perfect for Kids

Dogs are decisive, obedient, and caring, and these attributes will make them fit to accompany your children. While some will prefer to get teddy bears, games, and interactive videos for their kids, nothing matches giving them that real-time tireless buddy. But, yes, dogs are capable of biting, and this is what scares many parents off. This is remarkable paranoia.

Still, some dogs are for the people. They are made to serve. Whether for play or mere companionship, they are ready options. Everything would not go like clockwork. Both your kids and the dogs will have to understand each other to co-exist peacefully. In no particular order, these are good, popular dog breeds for kids;

1. Golden Retriever

The Golden retriever tops the list; it is royalty in this department. It is a breed that has evolved to engage in non-stop action, so your kids have no dull moments. Its medium size and plenty of fur in its coat with a golden luster is the source of its name. The Goldens have gait in their movement and grace you with the wagging of their feathery tails.

A golden retriever wants to please you, loves playing outside, and is keen on earning your trust. This makes them easy to train as they are willing to adapt to their immediate environment. A Golden- Retriever is full of life, and they never really lose the puppy side of them. A number one candidate for fetch, the golden retriever, can swim and pick out waterfowls expertly—hours on end.

2. Labrador Retriever

Often called Labrador, the Labrador retriever is the favorite of the Americans. A solid Labrador stands at 21.5 to 24.5 inches in shoulder to floor height and clocks between 55 to 80 pounds. Its coat is dense with fur, and the popular colors are yellow, chocolate or black. With a broad head, gleaming eyes, and a waggling otter tail, the Labrador has eagerness written all over it.

They are friendly with other dogs and love the company of people. This subtle nature makes them great couch companions. However, behind this gentleness, there is pent-up energy. Labs are athletic by nature and will gladly engage in swimming, running, and other energy-zapping activities.

3. Bull Terrier

dog with mittens

The bull terrier is a robust, sturdy terrier species that leaps in its strides, exuding agility and strength. Their characteristic long, egg-shaped head easily identifies them with ever erect ears and humorous triangular eyes. Usually, they come in white. However, some breeds can come in mixed colors, which gives their fur an attractive striped pattern. 

Four things will keep a Bull terrier happy and have you in its good books: early and continuous socialization with its kind and people, a constant show of affection ( no one and, not this dog, can bear neglect)—surely your kids can do all the petting, adequate exercise, and adoration from its favorite people. Gift the bull terrier all of these, and you have got yourself a loyal, entertaining, and heartwarming buddy. You can entrust your little ones into the hands of this terrier.

4. Beagle

The Beagle! So adorable! Your kids can cuddle with this breed; they are like teddies. These eye candies come in pretty colors like lemon, white mixed with red, and three colors. They have big brown or hazel eyes that scream “give me a hug!” with long, houndy, drooping ears, all set on a broadhead.

Beagles are of two kinds in terms of size; those that stand at under 13 inches ( from the ground up to shoulder level), and others that range between 13 and 15 inches. A lot of people commend the Beagle as being “too big for its inches.” The reason for this saying is for nothing else but its versatility.

This breed excitedly participates in hunting, especially in groups. So getting like two of them will make a partnership during an expedition. However, this does not defeat the purpose of it accompanying your child. Adventurous kids will love this one, and growing kids are known for adventure. Besides, the Beagle is very unlikely to knock your child down.

5. Bulldog

The bulldog may have a menacing look, but you need to get close and experience its true nature. Their general appearance is a stocky body with a flat face presenting a large, spherical head. Nevertheless, they are sweet and gentle. Their behaviors are predictable, and you can depend on them. As a people-oriented breed, they watch out for the family—especially the children—and actively seek attention.

Providing security is a top feature of the bulldogs, and so you can be sure that your kids are safe with this protective breed when you’re not looking.

Dogs have had the title “man’s best friend” for the longest time. You can bring up your kid, involving the presence of a dog. However, do not blindly choose; look for a breed that loves children. That child will never forget the experience.