Plus Size Women’s Guide For Wearing Maxi Dress

Plus size women look very attractive in maxi dresses if you know the proper style of wearing them. Knowing the right ways to wear them will give you the confidence of wearing an outfit that could make you look fresh, elegant and modern for any occasion.

Maxi dress can be styled accordingly, allowing you to wear it in any event from a formal gathering to buying something at the mall. Moreover, these dresses are very comfortable as they are naturally floaty and do not constraint any part of your body.

Also, remember to get a maxi made in good material that will not stretch in an ugly way, ensuring that the overall shape will look good on your figure. Also, maxis have some cuts that look good on some, but not on others. Check the guidelines on plus size womans clothing below that will give you some idea on good ways to wear maxis if you are a plus size.


Maxi dresses are not only made for summer, but there are also maxis with long sleeves that you can wear in winter. Regardless of their shape, most plus size women would like to cover their arms to hide their bingo wings. You can buy a dress in a dark colour, such as black or navy blue, which is both versatile and flattering. Moreover, this could save you some money as you can wear it on many occasions, depending on your style. You can match it with strappy heeled sandals for an elegant summer evening party attire or with chunky boots for a winter’s day out.


Floral designs and maxis look great together as they are so feminine. Dresses with floral print are perfect for summer outdoor gatherings during the day. Darker patterns are best for winter. Both styles can look amazing on plus size women, given that the pattern size is suitable. Bigger patterns can give you a more flattering look.

However, make sure that your accessories and maxis are well-balanced. You can wear strappy flat shoes for summer and closed-toe shoes for winter. Also, your purses should have clean, sleek lines and should not be bulky. Clutches look good, too, but if you need something bigger to carry all your needs, get a tote that does not have a lot of pockets.

Halter Neck

A halter neck maxi dress that fits well looks flattering and sexy. The neckline of the dress looks flattering on most women as it can decrease the shoulders while enhancing the chest, regardless of the size. Patterned halter neck maxis are great additions to any wardrobe.

Patterned maxi dresses are a complete outfit, which could give you a great fall back look for any occasions or mornings when you think it is virtually impossible to get dressed. All you need is a pair of footwear that matches the pattern and a classy purse that will let your maxi dress shine. Wear your hair up to enhance your neckline and a pair of simple earrings, making you an instant chic.

Being a plus-size woman doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable. Regardless of your size, all you need is to follow some rules based on your body shape to look amazing all the time, and this includes maxis.

By following this simple guide, you would be able to find and wear the perfect maxi dress for your size.

Author:  Alison Lurie