Plexiglass protective shield to safeguard you against COVID-19 virus

As countries across the globe face the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, a need was created to enforce social distancing and protection of individuals everywhere. Coughing and sneezing from an infected person spread respiratory droplets into the air, which can easily transfer and infect anyone nearby. When inhaled, these droplets transfer the virus into the lungs and the carrier then goes on to infect others, even if there are no symptoms.

The coronavirus pandemic initially saw many lockdown regulations and some retail businesses stayed closed for the protection of the public at large. Essential services that stayed open, including supermarkets, had to ensure the protection of their employees and customers.

As states are now reopening businesses across the U.S. precautions must be taken to safeguard office spaces, medical facilities, or retail businesses.

How does Plexiglass protective shield work to protect the spread of Coronavirus?

Protective face masks have become essential items that everyone wears as they go about their daily business, and it seems highly likely that they will be part of our life for a long time to come. However, there is another protective measure that can be taken by every store, office, and medical service to protect their employees, clients, and customers; Plexiglas protective shields.

These protective glass barriers are made from clear Plexiglass and create a barrier between employees and customers, offering protection in the event of one being infected.

However, Plexiglass barriers do not mean that everyone needs to let their guard down. The other essential protective measures that everyone needs to adhere to according to health professionals are:

  • Adherence to social distancing
  • Avoiding contact with people who are sick
  • Frequent hand washing for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose mouth
  • Frequent sanitizing of all surfaces that are frequently touched
  • People who are sick should stay home
  • When coughing or sneezing people need to cover their nose and mouths with a tissue that must immediately be thrown away

Where can this protective shield be used?

Reception areas of beauty salons, medical and dental practices and centers, businesses, banks, pharmacies, schools, and any other services where customers encounter employees, can be protected with sneeze guard and protective shield.

Office areas, where employees work in proximity to each other, can have protective shields installed between work areas to protect them, while still allowing them to have eye contact and to consult about issues during the day.

Official environments in federal, state, and municipal buildings not only have many employees working close together but also serve many people daily. Glass barriers are ideal for these environments and can be incorporated seamlessly into the existing areas as partitions.

Hairdressers, beauticians, and medical practitioners come into close contact with their clients and protective shields can be used to protect their clients and employees. In hairdressing salons, they can be used at reception desks, between hair wash stations and between styling and cutting stations. Nail technicians can also benefit from the protective barriers because they can work on their clients’ nails freely, from the gap below, while the barrier offers protection to both.

Supermarkets, cafes, grocery stores, electronics goods stores, book stores, clothing retailers, and fast food stores, and any other point-of-purchase locations can use the glass sneeze guards at their cashier points and where salespeople assist customers to keep the spread of the virus at bay.

Self-service food areas in all fast-food chains bakeries and grocers were initially closed, but these can also now be protected with glass barriers while manning them with staff members to assist with purchases.

Walmart, Starbucks, Inc’s Whole Food, Safeway, and many other retail outlets across the U.S. are installing partitions to ensure the safety of their customers and workers, isn’t it time you took the extra precaution in your work environment?  Also make sure you are looking for where to buy alcohol wipes as well.

Where to buy?

Enhance and protect your business space with Glass Sneeze Guards from Fab Glass and Mirror. Clear glass will enhance the visual appeal and ambiance of every space it is used in. It is so versatile and elegant, and because it reflects light, it also brightens up any space, even as it offers protection against germs and viruses.

These professionally-looking protective guards are manufactured from clear tempered glass and the products come on a base that is easy to assemble. The hardware of the base is available in black, grey, and tan so that it can be perfectly matched to the existing décor of any office, business, or practice.

The guards are available in three heights, 24”, 30” and 36” and their widths are from 24” to 60”. There are two styles to choose from, short support and full support with a 2” or 6” pass-through at the bottom.

Order your protective glass sneeze guards here today and it will be delivered to your space within a few days.