Planning to Start A Carpet Cleaning Business? Here’s How To Do It In 6 Easy Steps

Are you curious about starting a carpet cleaning business? If yes, congratulations on finding yourself a business idea that will make you an entrepreneur! Being an entrepreneur means you weigh the success of your business on your shoulders. While planning and noting down is crucial to make a business a success, we often miss up on the trivial details. Sounds tricky? Here are the steps you are required to follow to make your carpet cleaning business successful from start to finish!

Put A Figure On It

You can play safe and go for a franchise where you will have to pay a franchise fee. People have more often than not heard about bigger brands, and they can trust your business when it has the name of a bigger brand attached to it. However, franchising does not pay for the tools and the equipment; they only help support and train the front. For your business, you’ll need to purchase your own small carpet cleaning machines and equipment, among other things.

If you decide to do it alone, here are the things you’ll need to get started:

  1. Cleaning equipment
  2. Cleaning solvent
  3. Business license and insurance
  4. Transportation
  5. Website advertisements

Besides these, there will also be some ongoing costs in the business, including buying cleaning solvents, paying your workers, and the fuel charges.

Choose Your Target Audience

Every business needs a target audience, and luckily for your business, you have a vast market. You have a market in the residential as well as the commercial front. While you might steer towards residential targets, it is the commercial zone you should tap at. Commercial space has a large, square-foot carpet area. Commercial targets also have a greater need to keep the appearance aesthetic and clean. There is a huge footfall in commercial grounds, which creates a frequent demand for a carpet cleaning business.

Name Your Business

If you have already thought about the name, that’s great. If not, you can brainstorm it with friends, family and peers. You can even make use of various online name generators to come up with a unique name for your firm. Before you finalize the name, make sure you check for domain names, social media names, and more for its availability.

Create A Service Markup

From the company owner’s perspective, the aim should be to earn $75 to $150 per hour in the field. Keep in mind that the carpet cleaners should charge at least 30 cents per square foot and aim to make at least $100 per hour on each task. The hourly rate at the top of the scale is around $150.

Open A Business Account

Personal asset protection causes the use of distinct business banking and credit accounts.

When your private and corporate funds are intermingled, your assets (such as your home, vehicle, and other possessions) are put in danger if your company ever gets penalized. This is considered as penetrating your corporation veil in business management.

Get The Permits And Sales Agreements

Failure to get required permissions and licenses can cause significant penalties or possibly the closure of your firm. Operating a carpet and upholstery cleaning business may need the acquisition of certain state permissions and licences. Before beginning a new job, carpet cleaners might consider requiring clients to sign a service agreement. By defining payments contract terms, basic service standards, and intellectual property ownership, this agreement should simplify customers’ requirements and prevent any legal problems.


Planning out a blueprint is the first step for any business to be successful. We hope this guide helps you do exactly that!



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