Planning to Relocate to Idaho? Here’s What You Need to Know

Moving to another state can be energy and time consuming, and not to mention stressful, but a lot of the times it’s worth the struggle! But before you make the final decision that you want to move to another state, there are so many factors you should think about before making the big move.

You’ll completely change your surroundings, day-to-day activities, and job, not to mention friends and family – what you really need to think about, is the bigger picture. Planning to relocate to Idaho? Here’s what you need to know!


If you are not a freelancer, your first make or break factor when moving to another state should be the employment rate. Will you struggle to find a job, is it a prosperous state to live in? All of these questions should be at the top of your list. Thankfully, Idaho is exponentially growing, people are moving to this state quite frequently, and with that, the business is booming. It’s also a fairly inexpensive state to live in, even though the minimum wage is not as big as in some states. But you’ll easily find a job in Idaho, and live a comfortable life! It’s always good to check out jobs before the initial move, so you’ll know for sure you have a secured job waiting for you!


Tired of living in a rented apartment and yearning for a home of your own? Moving to Idaho might just solve that problem! Idaho is actually pretty famous for house owning, a lot of people opt for that option, and not for renting an apartment. This is amazing, as most states are extremely expensive with high mortgages leaving you no choice but to live in a rented building. If you are more for owning property, check out homes in Meridian from Stewart Realty LLC, and see if that’s something you’d be interested in. At the end of the day, this will greatly affect your future, and you want to ensure you make the right decision on time!


Not a lot of people can experience all four seasons in full capacity! Idaho on the other hand has extreme weather – so expect to experience the magic of hot summers and snowy winters. There’s just something cozy and charming about celebrating Christmas or any other holiday when it’s appropriate weather outside – it just feels right! But this can take a bit of time of getting used to, especially if you never actually lived in a state with four distinctive seasons. This means no more slightly chilly winters and nice weather all year round – expect a little bit of everything!  You’ll need to live out your cozy fall dreams and also get immersed in the holiday spirit once the freezing winter hits!


Idaho is a gem of a state – and not just because there are lots of different gemstones to find there, but because of its beautiful scenery! If you are used to living in a small apartment and never spent much time outside of your busy city streets, Idaho will be the right change for you! There are so many beautiful places like canyons, forests, and rivers, perfect for outdoor activities, not only is it pretty scenery, but it’s also healthy! From hiking and cycling to rafting and even hunting – Idaho will provide you with a plethora of fun things to do, and amazing landscapes to see, you’ll just have to experience it to believe it. If you need to escape from your hectic day-to-day life and spend an afternoon in nature, Idaho is the perfect place for just that!

The community

People are friendly and welcoming in the state of Idaho, so expect to be treated like family – but also expect that everyone will mind their business! The community is pretty tight-knit and everyone is connected, from hunters to all sorts and kinds of artists! The music scene, usually mostly consists of country music, brings families, friends, and strangers together! Even if the cities aren’t as big, it will still feel like they are from all the festivities you can partake in, especially if you like to spend time outside, hunt, or like to spend your evenings listening to some good old country music!  Don’t be afraid to become a part of any community in Idaho, as you’ll be drawn in by their warmth and lovely smiles!

The community


If you are a big foody, Idaho is the perfect state for you. There are a lot of restaurants and family-owned businesses, you’ll want to try all the tasty food that’s at your fingertips. Dishes such as Idaho ice cream potato might sound a bit wacky, but you’ll think otherwise once you try it! Also, since Idaho is known for having a lot of huckleberries, it’s only appropriate that there are lots of delicious dishes with this fruit. So if you are a fan of this fruity flavor, you’ll enjoy lots of huckleberry jams, cakes, smoothies, and ice cream.


One of the many things that you should consider, especially if you have a family or planning to have kids – is the safety of the place you live in. Since Idaho is spacious and there are lots of natural settings, the cities and the livable arias are also calm and pretty safe to live at. There are lower crime rates than most places, and law enforcement is pretty involved in day-to-day life in the city, so you’ll be pretty safe walking around. Idaho is an open carry state, meaning that you can own a gun and carry it for added personal safety! If guns aren’t your thing, don’t be alarmed – guns are a normal thing there, especially since a lot of people go hunting!

Moving, in general, is very exciting, especially if you chose to move to an entirely new state! Idaho is a great choice for those who like the outdoors and dream of owning a house on their own. This state is exponentially growing in many fields, plenty of jobs, and fun activities to do – so you’ll have lots of things to see and experience once you move!