Planning to Buy a Portable Generator? Here’s What to Look For

Portable generators have many uses both at home use and in commercial settings. Portable generators are ideal for lots of different locations and situations because they don’t weigh a lot, they are very energy efficient, and they can power a huge range of different electric appliances. When you are trying to choose the right portable generator, it is important that you are well versed in the various features which different models of generators have. This will enable you to see if that model of generator will be suitable for your requirements. The price of the generator, its power capabilities, and the type of fuel it uses are all important details to think about before you buy.

To assist everyone who is shopping for a portable generator, this article will explain everything you need to look for.

1. The Right Size Generator

The different models of portable generators come with different power capabilities and so you must work out the amount of power you need when deciding which generator is right for you. The power capacity will also help you to choose the right size and weight of your portable generator, which will also dictate how easy it is to transport. Portable generators which produce less than 2,000 watts, for example, are usually very lightweight which will enable you to carry them anywhere just with the handle. Portable generators with power capabilities exceeding 7,000 watts, on the other hand, are much heavier so may need wheels and a stand

To help you identify the right size of portable generator, there are many handy guides online which will show you the size you may need. Think about what devices or tools you plan to use and how many total watts they will need to operate.

2. Easy to Set Up

If it is your intention to use your portable generator for home backup power or in another location like your business, how easy it is to set up the generator should be a major factor in your choice. Some generators are very easy to set up, while there are more sophisticated models which require expert installation. There are generator manufacturers and retailers who provide installation free of charge when you make a purchase, so this is something which you should definitely enquire about when buying a generator. It is always worth taking extra precautions when setting up your generator so that it is as safe as possible. One thing you can do is add a transfer switch to the setup so that there is less chance of being electrocuted. If you don’t know how to do this, make sure to speak to a professional electrician or generator expert.

3. Quiet Operation

How noisy your portable generator is will be a big consideration, especially if you intend to use it in a quiet place. If you are buying a generator to operate tools and machinery on a work site then noise levels are not so important, but if you want to use your generator for garden parties or for camping with your family, a quieter generator is always the best choice. Look out for generators which are cooled with air or water as these are usually the quietest. There is nothing worse than trying to relax than the drone of a noisy generator, and quiet models are usually no more expensive.

Quiet Operation

4. The Best Fuel Source

There are many different options available to you with regard to your new portable generator’s fuel source. There are generators which use gasoline, natural gas, or diesel, and each fuel has its plus points and minus points. By using the truck’s engine to power PTO Battery Charger, the dependability of the truck’s engine is guaranteed. Generally speaking, diesel generators are the most suitable for the majority of people’s needs. They are usually more reliable, cost less money to operate, and are more efficient when it comes to fuel consumption.

Diesel engines are more simple than those which use gas and gasoline, and this means that less maintenance is needed to keep diesel generators running properly. They have far less small parts which need repairing or replacing and this will save you a lot of time and money in terms of looking after your generator. When making a purchase, check the terms of the warranty so if there is an issue with your generator, the manufacturer or retailer will cover the costs of the work.

There are many different jobs for which you can use a portable generator. They are excellent as a source of emergency power, for use on construction sites, and for various recreational uses like camping. When purchasing a generator, be sure that you calculate your power requirements and spend some time looking at all the generators which meet those requirements. Make sure you look out for all the factors explained in this guide and it will help you to choose the right generator.