Planning To Build A Pond? Here’s What You Need

A decorative pond, which of course does not include fishing, boating, or swimming, can be a centerpiece of your garden. It can exude a calming and aesthetically pleasing experience. Nothing is more relaxing than listening to the sounds and smelling all scents of a good-looking and well-maintained pond. It all sounds wonderful, however, planning and building a natural-looking pool is not as easy.

To get the desired effects, and for it to function properly, you would need to think about what is important to incorporate in the building process. Just digging up the hole and hoping things will work out is not enough. Thankfully for you, here is some advice on things you will need for your garden paradise.

Think About The Location

Ponds would ideally need a good mixture of shade and sunlight. It would be advisable to achieve this without making it too close to trees. The tree can be damaged if you were to dig around too close to its root system. Have in mind that you will need to run a pump and electricity system to the pond as well.

Depending on the size of the lake itself, you will install lights, filters, or skimmer. The location should be placed somewhat near your home. As an additional benefit, you will be able to enjoy your pond while still indoors.

What Size Should The Pond Be?

If your main focus is not maintenance, the larger the pond it will be more stable for plants and decorations than keeping it small. Have in mind what is the size of the space you have before building up an artificial pond. To customize the shape, you could either use a pond liner or you could simply purchase a premade plastic pond tub. In case the decision is for you to customize the pond for yourself, some garden hose or some string, and is it as a line that will give you the layout of the overall shape you would prefer.

Before making a final decision, try out as many shapes as you like. The only thing stopping you from making something interesting is your creativity. Consider adding some waterfalls or making a shape that is not a simple circular one. If you want to add any special features, like the previously mentioned small waterfall or adding fish, think about its placement carefully and will it be visible from your window for instance.

You do not want to look at the back of the waterfall since the effect would not be so mesmerizing as it would if you have a direct view of flowing water.

Importance Of Keeping Things “Clean”

The complicated plumbing setup is not essential really. It is nice to have skimmers and filters. However, they are not mandatory. A minimum would be to have an electric pump. For instance, if you are planning to have a waterfall, you could add a solar powered pump which will “feed” it and help the water to circulate in general. As mentioned, a filter is not a necessity since bacteria will begin to grow eventually. It can act as a natural filter. As an addition, other plants will have the same function and keep the water clean.

Water hyacinths, as an example, reduce algae by removing nutrients from the water. It is possible to create a small ecosystem in your backyard, however, every application is different, and it would depend on where you are living and the number of fish you keep, if any, as well as the size of the pond itself.

Importance Of Keeping Things “Clean”


It is important to incorporate a seating area like benches or even more elaborate structures near your lake like a gazebo since, at the end of the day, your pond will be the place where you will want to enjoy.

Landscaping is a thing to remember when building a small lake on your own. As an example, if the size allows it, you could create a bridge to go over your pond. Adding a pile of rocks or an obelisk set in the middle of a pond can give an exotic atmosphere, which will be the main focus of the overall design.

Thinking long term when deciding to build your own pond is the key. Take your time to go through all of these mentioned factors and consider all your options. The final product will certainly be something which you will cherish for years to come.

Building too soon without an idea on where to start can only bring you trouble, while on the other hand, starting a day or two later will definitely be worth it in the long run.