Planning on getting a hot tub? Read this first!

We’re all about comfort here at The Spruce, and one of our favorite ways to stay warm and cozy is with a hot tub. But before you can dive into that soothing water, there are some things you need to consider: not just what type of tub you want (spa versus portable), but where it’s going to go, what features are important to you, how much space will be available for installation…the list goes on. So read on for my tips on everything from finding the right company for your project through choosing the right pump size!

Think twice before buying online

As with any large purchase, it’s important to do your research before you buy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The more you know about what you want and how it works, the better off you’ll be in the long run. Hot tubs are no exception to this rule—you should never buy one online unless it’s from a reputable dealer with stellar customer service (and even then, proceed with caution). If you’re interested in adding a hot tub to your backyard but aren’t sure where to start, consider checking out some of our great resources for more information.

Look for a company with a solid reputation and multiple locations

It’s worth it to find a business with a solid reputation and multiple locations. If you’re looking for the best hot tubs, look no further than X-TREME Hot Tubs! They have been in business since 1979 and are rated 5 stars on Google with over 1,000 reviews. This is the company you want to call when it comes time to upgrade your backyard oasis!

The first step is finding a company that has been around for more than five years—a sure sign they’re established and well-liked by their customers. A good rule of thumb is if there are fewer than 50 reviews on Yelp or Google, go ahead and call them up anyway—you never know what kind of amazing customer service you might get!

Customize it the way you want to

Once you’ve figured out what size hot tub is right for your needs and budget, it’s time to start customizing. Choosing a hot tub that has features that are easy for you to use and maintain will make it more enjoyable in the long run.

  • Choose an easier-to-maintain hot tub. Ask yourself how much time you want or can devote to maintaining your hot tub. If you’re not very handy or don’t have any help around the house, it might be best to go with a less complicated model than one with electronic controls and multiple water jets.
  • Make sure that the temperature control system is easy for everyone in the family to use (i.e., no complicated dials). This can go along way toward ensuring smooth operation of your spa over time without anyone getting frustrated by having difficulty adjusting their preferred water temperature setting!

Do your homework before you buy a hot tub, so you’re more likely to get one that meets your needs

Whether you’re an experienced hot tub owner or are planning to buy your first one, there are a few things you should do before jumping into the market. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Do your homework before you start looking at hot tubs. If possible, try out different models in person so that when it comes time to make a purchase, you know exactly what size and shape will work best for your family.
  • Don’t buy online unless necessary—it’s always better to go see them firsthand (and drive home with it!). If buying online is necessary due to distance limitations or budget constraints, make sure the retailer has a good return policy if something goes wrong after delivery.


We know that hot tubs can be expensive and it’s easy to get overwhelmed when you start shopping for one. That’s why we want to give you the tools and information you need to make an informed decision about which model is right for your family. We hope our list of things to consider before buying a spa has helped inspire some new ideas—and maybe even saved some money in the process! We, at Modtub, will help you get the perfect hot tub for you! Contact us today.


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