Pinterest Can Help You Organize Your Home

If you have a new house or if you want to change the overall look of our home, organizing furniture and household items may seem like a daunting task. Besides the tiresome lifting of heavy objects, you would also have to deal with the dirt that moving things around may leave in your house.

Organizing your home can be quite overwhelming, even with the help of your family. However, there are plenty of blogs or websites that can give you tips on how to efficiently and adequately organize each space in your house.

But where can you find these sites? The most common answer that will be given to you is by using search engines like Google and Bing, which could probably provide thousands of websites that have organizing tips. These search engines present their search results through a wall of text that shows each title of the web page, the website’s name, and a small description of what the page is about. Reading through all of those can be tedious when you just want to know how to organize your home quickly.

But you won’t have to frequently consult search engines any more thanks to the rising popularity of bulletin board-like websites such as Pearltrees, We Heart It, and Dribbble, but the most popular out of all these board websites is Pinterest, which has 290 million monthly active users. These particular websites are dedicated to providing an easier way to get ideas and inspirations by letting users personalize their profile based on their likes, hobbies, or the topics that they are usually fascinated about.

Finding pieces of advice on organizing homes is much more convenient in Pinterest, as you simply have to type in “home organizing tips” in the site’s search bar and it will immediately show you “pins” that can quickly catch your eye since they are mostly presented in vibrant colors.

Using Pinterest

To use Pinterest, you simply have to create an account on its smartphone app or your computer. After that, you have the option of selecting several topics that suits your preferences. For better results later, you can choose topics that are related to home and organizing.

Once you are on Pinterest’s home page, the site will show you dozens of pins that are tailored to the topics you’ve chosen during the account-making process. From there, you can click on one pin, and it may either show you a simple image or a link to a website where it will give the pin’s full content.

You can also create your own pins through the use of the Pinterest button that can be added as an extension to your web browser. The Pinterest browser button allows you to pin web pages by simply pressing the small Pinterest logo on the top right corner of the computer screen. After pressing the button, you have to pick an image that best represents the content of the website and would look nice on your profile if you are following a specific color scheme.

By creating pins, you would be able to share your interests with other users on Pinterest as they may be able to see it while looking for subjects that your pin covers. But if you don’t want others to see your pins, then you can choose to create a private bulletin board that only you can see on your profile.

Sorting Tips on Organizing Your Home

If you already have pinned organizing suggestions on your profile, it is time to sort them based on their main topics or focuses on the house. Some pins may show strategies on organizing your kitchen while others provide guides for decluttering rooms, and putting all of these pins on one bulletin board will make your profile more disorganized than your home.

It is better to sort organizing tips with different topics in multiple bulletins boards. Pins for bedrooms will be placed in one board, pins for bathrooms in another board, and so on.

If you already have a lot of bulletin boards, it is recommended that you also organize them by their importance. The rooms that are the most needed to be organized are the living room, the kitchen, and the bedrooms, so you would have to move their bulletin boards to the first row by clicking and dragging them all the way to the top of the boards’ allotted space in your profile.

You may notice that the pins in Pinterest work like bookmarks in your web browser, but the difference between the two is that pins are mostly intended to be seen by other users while bookmarks are only seen by you or by the others who are using the same computer and browser.

Pinterest is meant for people to share ideas with others, and those who create pins on organizing homes are simply lending a helping hand for those who need it like you.

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