Pink Dazzle: Spice up Your Nail Care Routine with 2021’s Pink Trend

You should now bid your goodbyes to neutrals because, for this season, pink and bright colours are on-trend! There are many colour trends that make the cut, but recently, this colour ignited excitement in the fashion industry. Almost twenty-one runways have showcased outfits that are in the shade of pink. For this season, pink will be your new colour for fun and sexy!

Incorporate fashion trends into your nail care routine

Since the neutral will be out in just a period of time, why not use pink nail polish for this season? Nails are also part of putting up a good statement in the fashion industry. Just like bags, necklaces, and bracelets, nails are also a component that would bring balance and will complete your outfit. It defines and shows your personality, just like how it goes with your clothes. Good nail care shows good hygiene and good habits of taking care of yourself.

Why is nail care important?

Nail care can be therapeutic for some people. Just the sight of a clean and well-groomed nail is already very pleasant to look at. Even the length and shape of your nails can say something about you, longer and more detailed shapes can give you a femme fatale personality. While if you prefer to have it short and in a clean-cut shape, then you are a classic chic! 60% of women are said to be going to nail salons every month. But what if you are too busy to go to nail salons? Don’t worry, and this article is here to give you tips on still having clean and fashionable nails! Nail care is very important for you to use your nails every day, and manifestations of some ailments, just like kidney and liver disease and even malnutrition, can be seen here.

1. Choose products wisely

From choosing the right nail file, brushes, cuticle remover and nail polish. Especially with nail polishes and any substances that you would put in your nails. Choose gel nail products that are safe and not hazardous and won’t make your nails weaker and brittle. And this is also where you could incorporate art, aesthetics and fashion all together. Choose colours that are best suitable for you. With this season, pink nail polish is very suitable!

2. Moisturize them generously

You may not know it but, nails need moisturizer as well. It’s just like your skin, and it needs moisture from time to time! Or else they will turn dry and brittle. This is the core foundation of a nail care routine. This makes your nails stronger and not prone to breakage.

3. Be gentle

Removing all the cuticles can be satisfying, but they are not your enemy. Cuticles are the natural protection of nails. Intense cuticle removal can make your nails weaker and be prone to infections. Also, avoid long water exposure because it can also cause peeling and nail breakage. It also makes the nail polish last shorter than usual. Weather can also be a factor with nail breakages so keep them moisturized at all times!

Nail care isn’t just about keeping your nails pretty. And it is part of your hygiene. You use your nails every day to work, eat and touch things. So, it’s just necessary to keep your nails in their best shape.

Author:  Alison Lurie