PDFBear Online Tools: The Online Tools You Need To Organize Your Online Documents

Every individual has different needs when using online documents. Hence, online documents having other formats to cater to every need of every user. However, every online document format may also come with disadvantages that might cause you troubles in the future.

To help with the disadvantages, you might encounter in the future, you will need an online tool like PDFBear. Their platform will allow you to do many things about your online document, especially to solve the disadvantage of an online document format. This article will talk about the online tools that might be needed for your online documents.

Split PDF Online

The first online tool in our list is the online tool called Split PDF Online. This online tool best suits students and researchers. A reason for splitting a PDF file is usually inclined in extracting certain information about a document. Doing this will divide the useful contents and the bad contents, making the reader of the document have a straightforward approach to reading the critical details.

When you are splitting your PDF files, you are also benefiting from having your PDF file lower its file size. Hence, transferring your PDF files to any online platform on the internet will make everything quicker than usual. Other platforms also only allow specific file size, which makes splitting it into has is a convenient option.

A particular drawback in dividing your PDF files into half is having a cluttered display in the device you’re using. A recommended action to solve the problem of having a chaotic display is deleting the contents you do not need. However, it sometimes helps keep both of the PDF files on your device, which puts you in possession of dealing with the benefits and drawbacks of splitting PDF files.

Having said all of that, you should decide on whether you should split your PDF files in half or not. If you decided to split your PDF files, all you need to do is follow these easy instructions.

  • PDFBear will need the data of the PDF file that you want to split in half. Hence, uploading your PDF file’s data for PDFBear to scan and recognize it is the thing you need to do for the first step.
  • The second step is choosing the specific pages that you want to split from the original PDF file.
  • The third step is to double-check if you are satisfied with the changes that you made to the original PDF file. Once you are comfortable and want to proceed, click on the button “Refine.”
  • The last step is to transfer the newly converted PDF file into your storage. You will be given an option to use online storage to save up some space or directly put it into your device storage.

Merge PDF

If you can split a PDF file into half, it is only justifiable to also have an online tool that allows you to merge PDF files into one. This online tool of PDFBear, which is called “Merge PDF,” has been on their platform for years now. Only a few individuals are lucky to be knowledgeable that this kind of online tool exists.

A common reason to use this kind of online tool is to compile PDF files into one. An example of this is when you want to collect your resume, application letter, and certificates in applying for a job. Doing this will surely boost up your chances of being chosen to have the job that you wanted. A good example also is compiling contracts that you wish to send to a specific recipient.

When you are compiling a number of PDF files into one, you are ensuring that the reader of your PDF file will have a convenient experience browsing through your document. One drawback that you should be cautious about has a single PDF file to have too much file size. This might lead to an inconvenient experience in transferring your PDF file online.

Here is how you can merge your PDF files:

  • Upload the PDF files that you want to merge.
  • Wait for their combiner to merge your PDF files.
  • Modify the necessary changes for your PDF files.
  • Download it into your device.


Having the online tool Split PDF and Merge PDF is like a double-sided blade that has its benefits and drawbacks. Hence, keeping cautious in using both online tools for your online documents is a must. PDFBear truly changed the game of online tools in today’s generation.