Ideas for Decorating with a 70s Vibe

A living room with velvet mustard yellow couches

Decorating styles of the 1970s are back! While it has its quirks – think about wall-to-wall shag carpeting, assorted knickknacks, eyesore couches, funky technicolor furniture – it has many design elements that are timeless and are once again resurfacing in homes today. The 70s trends like rattan and wicker have been popular … Read more

Ideas for Throwing a 70s Themed Party

A disco ball in a home

Sometimes, what’s old becomes new again. This is true when it comes to fashion and music. These things are never truly out of style – they just aren’t as popular as they once were. And when it comes to a throwback theme that never gets old, the 70s is the one to … Read more

Tips for Maintaining Non-Stick Cookware

Sautéing asparagus in a non-stick pan

Non-stick cookware, bakeware, and appliances need a little more TLC than ones made from aluminum, cast iron, ceramic, stainless steel, or carbon steel. It is because non-stick pans have this extra layer that makes the surface non-stick. With this type of coating, the cookware becomes more user-friendly and requires less oil. According … Read more

Useful Tips for Using Silicone Spray Lubricant

Silicone Spray

The slipperiest of all lubricants, silicone spray is a rubbery substance with superior lubricating and sealing properties. It can be used for a variety of applications and in different forms depending on how it is treated and what chemicals are added. This material is great for lubricating things that slide against each … Read more

Useful Tips for Using Vinegar Around the House

Vinegar in a small glass bowl

Vinegar is a must-have for a home keeper. It’s not only great in the kitchen for cooking and for culinary purposes – it’s also very useful all-around the house. It’s the one item in your kitchen pantry that can help household chores easy. It can do wonders in terms of making your … Read more

Tips On Using Spray Paint with Kids

spray paint bottles

The large colorful murals around the cities attract the kids. They want to experience spray paint too. The spray paint has been around for less than a century. With a click of a button, you can create a master and creative piece. Just like other forms of art, spray paint art is … Read more

5 Common Causes for Hair Loss in Teenagers

strands of hair on brush

People, usually women, put a lot of effort into making their hair look good. They visit salons to get stylish haircuts and hair colors. However, there are times when issues on our hair arise, and they are quite disturbing. One of those is losing hair. When it happens, no matter what your … Read more

Picking Songs For That Special Someone

man playing a guitar

There are many things that people can do to express their love for the special people in their lives. It can be through giving gifts, spending time together, and as well as dedicating songs for them. Music is something that can evoke powerful emotional responses in people. There are songs that can … Read more

Picking the Right Music for Different Occasions

No Music No Life neon sign

Whenever there are occasions or special events, part of planning is choosing the right song or music to play. Music, since it has been around for ages, from the era of kings and queens to the modern world today, it has been deemed responsible for adding joy to special events. These can … Read more

Six Signs You Must Visit An Oncologist Right Away

Six Signs You Must Visit An Oncologist Right Away

Signs and symptoms are your body’s way of telling you that something may not be functioning correctly. When it comes to cancer, recognising the common warning signs can help you catch the disease early on and seek treatment. The earlier cancer is detected, the higher chance there is of defeating the disease. … Read more

Can You Turn Your Shed into a Home Office?

Can You Turn Your Shed into a Home Office

Because of the global pandemic that started to occur in 2020, many companies have started implementing a work-at-home strategy that allowed their employees to work at several office-related tasks in the comfort of their homes. Working at home prevented people from having any risks of getting sick due to being outside while … Read more

Child development toys by age

Child development toys by age

Toys are the first thing that a child interacts with, which means that we need to know the importance of child development toys. Babies of almost every animal are born with some information. When a baby calf is born, it stands up right away and goes to its mother for milk. But … Read more

Things to do in Oneonta


The incredibly scenic landscape of Oregon and Columbia River Gorge hides even more beautiful Oneonta Gorge. The name came after town Oneonta in New York, where Carleton Eugene Watkins, the first man who photographed the Gorge in 1851, came from. The area around Oneonta Creek is unique because of its variety in … Read more

10 Autism Quotes For Special Needs Parents

10 Autism Quotes For Special Needs Parents

A child is very dear to the parents. Autistic children are more important to their parents. They have special needs since they have delayed milestones. They are not very comfortable at a social gathering. They have trouble speaking too. Parents sometimes fail to understand the needs their child requires. For this purpose, … Read more

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Care Service

man with a dog at home

If you have a pet at home, leaving them can be a stressful experience, whether it just for an evening out or a two-week vacation. If you need to leave your pets for work or travel, you have likely considered different pet-care options out there, such as asking help from family members, … Read more

How to Improve Your Finance Management

calculator and notepad on money bills

If there’s one important thing that students weren’t taught at school, that is how to handle money. Children learned this from how their parents handled money. It means that if their parents are spenders or savers, that is also what they’ve learned. But did you know that effective financial management is vital … Read more

10 Ways to Leave a Legacy for Your Family

silhouette of a family  on the beach

Do you believe that your actions today can provide a positive influence far into the future? That the choices you make between now and the day that you depart this world have the power to leave a lasting legacy? This is true. Well, not everyone can leave a legacy that will impact … Read more

How to Use Collagen Boosting Facial

woman with a white face mask

You might hear collagen being mentioned a lot when it comes to skin perseverance. That’s because as we age, collagen production decreases, which eventually slows down our skin’s ability to stay plump and radiant. This might explain why the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is a part of the aging process. … Read more

10 Quick Breakfast Ideas

ingredients for making waffles

Is breakfast an important meal? Well, yes, of course. But then why do people often skip breakfast? People often start their day without having breakfast because what they want to eat is not available or is too difficult to prepare. This decreases their productivity throughout the day and is a direct cause … Read more

Ten Effective Time Management Techniques

a distressed woman sitting at a desk full of books

Managing one’s time to be the most productive version of yourself is a daunting task. More than often, we are left chasing a clock that seems to be winged. In a world functioning at the speed of light, the only option we have is to either accept our defeat in the race … Read more

Best Montessori Toys for better development of Children

Best Montessori Toys for better development of Children

You may have heard or read about Montessori may be in your Instagram feed or on your favorite Montessori parenting website. Either way, you must have noticed the increasing popularity of Montessori education. The philosophy of Montessori education was developed by Maria Montessori, who was an Italian physician. Montessori’s philosophy focuses on … Read more

Family Friendly Movies to Enjoy

The release poster of the 2015 film Inside Out by Pixar

Spending time with the whole family on a day off is some of the best ways you could spend your day. Mom, dad, and the kids getting together to have fun before getting busy with their daily work and school routines is something to be cherished, and definitely something you will fondly … Read more

Creatinga Slideshow with Family Pictures to Give as Gifts

A man and woman presumably looking at some pictures on a camera while the woman is holding an SD memory card

Keeping images and videos of significant events in your family is one of the smartest things you can do, and definitely one you will thank yourself later for. But once you have amassed a sizeable collection, what do you do with it? Sure, it’s great and all that you’ve got a million … Read more

Songs to Celebrate Childhood

A pair of headphones resting on a shelf against a pile of slim books or magazines

Childhood is a time full of innocence, curiosity, and playful wonder. It is also something that you never really cherish until you suddenly find yourself applying for jobs in various places. As they say, good times pass quickly. This definitely holds true for childhood, even if as a child you might have … Read more

Lullabies to Help Babies Get to Sleep

An image of a white crib.

Getting a newborn child to get to sleep can be quite challenging and tiring, especially for newer and inexperienced parents. Everything about looking after a baby is challenge frankly speaking, but helping them fall asleep is especially important not just because it means the baby will be refreshed and less cranky the … Read more

Musician Couples Over the Years

A silvery shiny microphone with a bunch of blurred different colored lights in the background

Love is often described as the purest emotion a human being can feel. This is the emotion that has the unique characteristic of lacking any selfishness or ulterior motive for oneself, and being solely focused on making another person as happy as they can be. So, with such a powerful emotion being … Read more