Online entertainment for busy stay at home moms

Everyone knows how hard you work. It doesn’t matter if you are a stay at home mom or have a career, you juggle looking after your family, school runs, work and all those other daily tasks within your busy schedule.

Sometimes in the middle of a hectic day you may find yourself with a few precious moments of time for yourself. As time may be of the essence what can you do to entertain yourself for once rather than worrying about everyone else?

Assuming you are a stay at home mom then you may not be able to travel too far or may not have the time to meet up friends that often, after all they have busy lives too. So it makes sense that you look for entertainment that is nearby or in fact at your fingertips. Here are just some of the ways you could entertain yourself in your precious free time.

Streaming services

There are more options than ever for watching new and original TV shows & movies plus classic films. You can watch Hollywood blockbusters, art house indie movies or foreign language movies from a library of thousands. During the recent lockdowns streaming services really came into their own with subscriptions soaring as millions of people sought out more ways to keep themselves entertained.

If you like good TV shows then consider one of the many services available from Hulu, Netflix, UWatchfree, Amazon and more. Disney+ might have good movies for the family too. Search Google for free trials and you may get to test out a few at once at no cost to yourself.


Online bingo is growing rapidly. In fact as bingo halls close and the traditional way of playing the game declines the online industry only appears to be getting larger. It is also attracting a newer, younger group of players than has been seen before. With bright graphics, sounds and prizes, gone is the traditional image of older ladies sitting in a large bingo hall and now younger people are discovering the fun of this game that has endured for hundreds of years.

One social aspect of online bingo is that the apps or sites often have chat rooms so you could arrange to meet friends online – or make new ones – and chat and play together.

Yoga & exercise classes online

Perhaps you want to keep up an exercise routine but you’re finding it tough for a variety of reasons; can’t leave home because your toddler is at home with you, it’s winter or you can only take short breaks for yourself. Whatever your difficulties, there are still ways around your schedule and YouTube videos may be one of them. For instance there are many yoga classes for complete beginners to more advanced practitioners available online. There are also lots of exercise classes online to follow too. And to top it off, they are free!

Learn another language

Ok so you may not get to travel anytime soon with the global pandemic still causing chaos to daily lives but there is no harm in planning and dreaming of the day when you can take your family away to a foreign land. Why not add a foreign language to your repertoire in anticipation of that day? There are many free language apps that you can download for Android or Apple. Alternatively there are also many YouTube channels with native speakers offering their skills in short language classes. Though many of the apps are free some languages need to be paid for, so if you are choosing to learn something a little more unusual there may be a small cost for the additional download.

Online casinos

Gambling has been around for thousands and thousands of years and will undoubtedly be here until the end of time. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune to enjoy casino games though. There are a vast range of online casino sites and apps that let you play poker, blackjack, slots like starburst and other games for free. If you choose to gamble real money then play responsibly and set yourself limits. However if you just enjoy the games then look for free to play games and hone up your skills before taking on real people in online tournaments.

You can also take advantage of free bonuses if you look around and get sign up deals and free bets without using your own cash so you could end up winning money without even risking your own cash.

Make money from home

Ok so this doesn’t sound much like entertainment but it doesn’t have to mean taking on a second job. Although there are remote jobs available for proofreading, transcribing etc. you may not have the inclination to fill your time with even more work. However you could try running a small shop online.

Two examples would be selling off any unwanted items you have that are in good condition. This could range from handbags, DVDs to unused baby gifts. These can be sold on auction sites like eBay. Or, if you are artistic or into crafts then you could use something like Shopify to sell your wares. You would need to check your orders a few times a day and allow time for packaging and posting but this may be tempting if you want to do something creative with your extra time.

Write a blog

Tell the world about your experiences. Write about your favourite time saving tips or recipes for nutritious, tasty meals on a budget. Writing a blog lets you be in command of how much time you put into it and can be a creative, rewarding hobby. You may make new online friends, receive useful tips and ideas in return and if you become popular you can even make money from advertising.


You know full well how your schedule is so it has to be your choice what you do with your free time and no one is going to judge you if getting a quick nap is the most appealing choice but luckily with smartphones and tablets there is so much choice for entertaining ourselves from learning new recipes, playing slot machines like book of dead or just kicking back on the sofa and watching a classic movie.