Online Casinos with the Best Blackjack Payout Rates

With the Internet boost, current gamers don’t need to attend brick-and-mortar hotspots every time they want to try their luck in the iconic Blackjack. The classic revelry, so well-liked by millions of punters, comes in multiple variations and new formats on the Internet sites. However, studying the basics is not yet a key to successful play. Smart punters realize that odds set by operators make a dominant share of a player’s triumph. Thus, learning how online casino payout odds work is what punters should focus on to reach success in the Blackjack game.

Blackjack Basics

It’s hard to find a gamer who heard nothing about Blackjack. The game comes under different names, depending on the county the players reside in. In some regions, it is known as Pirate Flag or Strong Arm; however, the most widely-used alternative name is 21. The classic game rules are easy-to-grasp. A player’s goal is to finish a session without going over 21 points.

Blackjack’s privilege is that unlike in most card entertainments, players combat against a banker but not each other. Someone would say that it’s more challenging to beat a professional dealer than a casual player. It makes sense only if gamers rely on blind luck instead of building a proven strategy. Of course, fortune plays a big role in any game, but Blackjack is not based purely on intuition or luck. Punters who master in card counting know what variations are better to watch out for and learn how to make odds work in their favor to have all chances to prosper in the game.

How Casinos Set Blackjack Payout Odds

The advantage of Blackjack is that payout odds are more transparent, unlike other revelries played in online casinos (like slots). Pokies relate to the games-of-chance, and nobody except for machine constructors realizes what winning odds a slot game has for real. In 21 or Blackjack, punters may apply mathematical formula and logical skills to forecast a favorable outcome. Just like veteran gamblers who can masterfully count a possible winning combination in a 52 card deck gameplay. That is why casinos set up multiple rule variations not to let customers win with ease.

Operators play with rules to enhance the house edge and not let pros calculate cards so easily. These most common tricks below help casinos boost odds in the banker’s favor.

Soft 17

The house will always tend to make a dealer hit on a soft 17. It is a lost cause variant for players because they have zero chances to beat a banker with an ace in a hand. By hitting on soft 17, a dealer swells the house edge by at least 0.2%.

The Number of decks in play

Even a kid understands that the more decks participate in the game, the harder it will be for players to count cards. The number of decks directly impacts the odds and makes them work on the house’s side. As a rule, a casino may add up to 8 decks, depending on the Blackjack version. Thus, experts recommend amateurs start practicing in the European type as it’s played with 2 decks only.

Taboo on splitting

Splitting allows punters to divide the dealt cards into separate hands. In such a way, a player can back the weaker hand and take advantage over the banker. If casinos don’t allow customers to split cards, they automatically reduce players’ winning odds and boost the house edge by 0.15%.

6/5 Trap

The biggest trap that inexperienced punters may get in at the Blackjack table is 6/5 payout odds. What does it mean? The reasonable payout ratio that allows customers to be equals with the house is, typically, 3/2. With such an equivalent, each $1 stake will return to a player as $2.5. When the ratio is 6/5, the odds will always be on the house’s side, boosting the edge by 1.4%.

Blackjack Tips and Winning Strategy

Blackjack Tips and Winning Strategy

Some tips could be helpful for punters in moving Blackjack payout odds in their favor:

  • Pick up the game variations where players are allowed to split into separate hands or resplit aces.
  • Focus on tables with a minimum number of decks in play.
  • Use the ability to double down on a total (allowed in the American version).
  • Stand on a hard 17 but don’t miss a chance to hit on a soft 17.
  • Use the power of the ‘hole’ card (face down) to reduce a banker’s chance to predict the winning combo before the showdown.
  • Avoid tables with a 6/5 odds ratio.
  • Set a limit on losses not to damage your bankroll too much in case of failure.

There is one more basic aspect that punters should focus on if they plan to earn a hard coin in online Blackjack – picking up reliable gambling portals.

How to Pick up a Trusted Blackjack Site

Nowadays, Internet users can easily make a solid profit on online gambling. Blackjack gives amazing possibilities for money-making play, under the condition that customers pick up trusted sites. Several checkmarks can help casual bettors ensure that they gamble on the best online platforms.

  • Game diversity. Top-tier sites offer multiple revelry variations and gameplay formats, including LIVE (run by real dealers in real-time).
  • High RTP. Reputable online venues set a 95% RTP on the iconic card entertainment, while a classic Blackjack payout equivalent on some sites may reach 99%.
  • Bonuses. A-class hotspots use bonuses to attract a new audience and encourage the existing members.
  • Accreditation. Licensed online hotspots stand for their good reputation and never trick clients with sluggish payouts, unreasonable odds, and draconian wagering T&Cs.

Only playing on the reputable, white-label sites, punters can make hard cash on the beloved game!


Blackjack tops the ranking of punters’ favorite revelries on the Internet gambling portals. Current players can easily turn their beloved entertainment into a stable income source. When gamers figure out how online casino payout odds work, they will learn how to move the game chances in their favor and develop the unbeaten winning Blackjack strategy.