No Muss, No Fuss: A New Parent’s Guide to Changing Diapers

Raising kids is one of the most rewarding experiences that life can offer. Sure, there’s your fair share of tears, tantrums, stress and sickness – but the joys of parenting far outweigh any negatives.

And becoming a new parent is a steep learning curve, as none of us has any experience having our own children before they’re born and brand new in our arms. In this useful article, we’re going to discuss a no muss, no fuss approach to changing diapers for new parents.

Change Them Frequently

While you will need to change your baby’s diaper after every bowel movement, you need to get into the habit of using that nappy changing mat every two hours even if they haven’t moved their bowels. This is because they will urinate within this time, and it’s not good for them to sit in a heavy, wet diaper. Some diapers even have a colour-changing moisture detection strip, which can let you know when they have done a wee.

Keep Your Child Clean

It’s super important that your baby stays clean, fresh and healthy. Invest in some baby bath products to assist with this. You can’t go wrong with some bubble baths, which they’ll love, as well as soaps and shampoos and conditioners.

Now, you don’t have to wash your baby after every diaper, but once a day is a good approach. It can also help them to develop a bedtime routine which will make bedtime easier once they get older. You can’t go wrong with dinner, a bath, a book and then bed – in that order.

Wet Wipes Are Your Friend

Never underestimate the power of a wet wipe or baby wipe. These are life-savers before your kids are toilet trained. They will help keep your baby clean, fresh and smelling great after they have heeded the call of nature. Meanwhile, open the following link to order genuine merries nappies online.

Practice Good Hygiene

It’s also important that you practice proper hygiene yourself. This means washing your hands before and after you change a diaper, especially if you’re putting it in the bin afterwards. Because you’re going about your day, cleaning and cooking and all the rest, you’ll want to keep your hands clean. Don’t forget to also consider buying high-quality moony nappies to make your child comfortable.

Speaking of bins…

Consider a Separate Diaper Bin

You may want to invest in a separate diaper bin which will sit near the changing table. You’re going to be changing diapers frequently, and the smell can be a bit overwhelming if commingled with the household rubbish – particularly at the peak of summer! The separate bin will help with this and keep the smell down.

Apply Treatment When Needed

Sometimes your baby will develop a rash around their bottom and other areas. This is par for the course when it comes to being a baby, so don’t stress. Make sure that you have some creams or ointments handy, and apply them when you notice the rash developing. It should be gone in a few days if you apply frequently, according to the directions.

A Changing Conclusion

Make sure that the baby stays nice and clean by investing in quality baby bath products. Change your child frequently, even when they haven’t moved their bowels. This is important for their health. Wet or baby wipes are your best friend when it comes to cleaning your baby when changing their diaper, and ensure that you practice proper hygiene yourself. Wash those hands before and after!

Finally, you may wish to invest in a separate bin for the diapers, to keep them away from the general household rubbish. And always apply appropriate treatment ointments or creams if a rash develops.