Negative and Positive Impact of Technology on Society

We are living in a digital world where we continuously embrace numerous technological innovations. Technological developments daily affect us regardless of our age, location and purpose we use it for.

As we push hard to be at par with the latest innovations, we need to be wise and cautious about utilizing it. We must involve our children and youth in gaining knowledge regarding cyber safety and following the best practices in using technology. Let us discuss the positive and negative side of technology and how they affect our lives.

Better access to healthcare

Innovation has boosted modern health care massively, improving efficiency. Healthcare personnel can now connect with the patients online when giving advice, booking appointments, or making follow-ups.

Our healthcare institutions have replaced the old paper files with electronic files. Nurses, technicians and assistants access data from a centralized system, which has made their work easy. It is easy getting your bill prepared, thanks to digitized billing systems. With robotic surgeries taking place and AI-enabled research in biomed and other related fields, the future in the healthcare sector is certainly bright.

On the negative side, sometimes the prescribing doctor may key in wrong prescriptions leading to wrong doses. Technology is new to most healthcare professionals and the institutions could incur huge expenses for training their personnel. System failure could translate into long queues outside the consultant’s offices.

Elections and policymaking

Technology advancement has continually improved election processes globally. Europe and the USA pioneered e-voting and many other countries are replicating it. Social media is playing a major role in influencing the upcoming USA presidential elections.

Though it is natural to use social media to influence the outcome of elections, the impact of the information posted could negatively impact society. The embracement of ICT by electoral commissions has broadened electorate participation including the physically challenged. The major interests and concerns coming from the public are whether these systems could be used to manipulate the results.

According to research paper writing help experts, digital voter registration plays a defining factor in building trust and availing clean registers. Governments departments follow given formulas when designing their policies. Technology is currently a major player in creating, executing, and implementing system applications that help sell government projects and policies. The various government departments and arms are interconnected, making service delivery easier and prompt.

Improved educational opportunities

Innovations have made learning enjoyable, as well as less complicated. Students are now utilizing technology to learn ahead of their teachers. Although innovation is becoming part of our education systems, training usage continues to be difficult. Though several institutions have the privilege of technology accessibility, most educators lack the necessary training, discouraging them from using the technology. Some teachers are still attached to the old believes of a pen, paper, and chalk.

Today, modern technologies that can be used to promote learning are widely used. This leaves other contextual factors to the side, such as unequal accessibility to technological innovations and also linked communication across schools. We can only state that we have welcomed technology in education when it is utilized for both mentors and the learner.

Technology is useful for a better learning experience where teachers can do follow-ups using innovation to determine the learner’s level of understanding. The teachers can note each student’s special abilities and use relevant innovations according to the course design. With the availability of technology, most students could find themselves relying totally on the internet instead of having a mix of their natural thinking and technology.

Talking of negatives, technology comes with a cost, though. The computers and smartphones used for teaching are expensive to buy and maintain. At times the servers may fail during a lesson. Search engines sometimes give wrong information to students resulting in poor performance during tests. It is also easy for students to be interrupted and wander into other sites. Students could cheat by stealing answers online.

Ease of socialization and networking

The 21st-century innovations have brought people closer by reducing distance and time. It is easy to chat with your friends who are miles away. It is easy to send a message to a friend or colleague and get an instant reply. People share photos, videos, audio files, and the like. The children can play games on computers and phones, learn coding and learn online through e-courses.

This technology has had its negative side too. Children tend to laze around instead of playing outdoors. It is easy to meet new people on the internet and some could have evil minds.

Hackers could trick the children into giving out vital information or passwords. Sometimes friends or family members get hooked up to their devices and forget social life involves talking, playing, running around, and doing some chores.

Better business environment

Business systems have come to a level where it is hard to operate any business without fundamental modern technology such as big data, cloud computing, AI-based business intelligence and CRM tools.

For the most part, technologies quicken workflow and also offer indispensable systems for organizing info. Nonetheless, technology can also have unfavorable results on service, making communication more impersonal and developing a negative sense of understanding.

Innovation is two-sided and can bring people together or separate them. Co-workers can easily collaborate at work when the systems connect them well through video conferencing tools, enabling remote work and freelancing. Anyone can earn money using Instagram.

The negative side is that bullying workers can also disintegrate big companies using the same technology. The marketing department can sell remotely and save time and money. Computer hackers can also use technology to steal from businesses and extort money from individuals. Programs for cybersecurity are part of the latest innovation that helps protect businesses.


Although innovation plays an integral part in our lives, many likewise find considerable drawbacks to technology. Scrolling via social media sites can sometimes seem like a release from our physical solitude and permit us to feel like we are still a part of the game. Innovation well utilized can serve as a convenient device for our generation. Yet, it is essential to bear in mind that it can also rapidly swallow us if we do not take any procedure to form significant connections with individuals in the real world.