Need A Gift For Your Husband? Here Are Some Ideas

It doesn’t have to be valentine’s or his birthday – you could get your husband a gift just to say “I love you.” As romantic as this sounds, picking the right gift item may not be nearly as romantic when you have a plethora of options to go through on the shelf or catalog. Maybe this is why you avoid giving him gifts in the first place, so to put an end to that streak, here are ten gift ideas for your husband.

Some of these ideas may be items he already has, so you may have to spruce it up or pick another item on the list. Ready? Let’s go!

Acupressure mat

This may sound expensive, but it isn’t, and for the solution it provides, it is worth gifting. If your husband has ever complained about a backache or neck ache and the only help you could offer was, “sorry about that”, then this would make a lot of difference. You could get one off Amazon or search for the keyword on Google to find a brand you trust.

Personalized knife

Knives are really handy, and then a personalized knife? Sign us up! Your husband probably has one too many knives already, but we can bet that he doesn’t have one personalized by deejo brand, so why not get him one? There are good branding companies that could help you get this done. If you don’t know any around you, you could place an order online and have it delivered in a special package.

Phone sanitizer

Ever heard of this before? Well, maybe that’s why you should consider getting one for him. The phone sanitizer is simply a small portable box that does what it says – sanitizes mobile devices. It is relatively affordable, and in times like these, who wouldn’t appreciate a simpler, safer way to sanitize and charge their phones simultaneously (yes, it has a charging feature!)

LED lamp

With the emergence of Zoom calls and the whole work-from-home tradition, having more than one LED light could be a work-saver, especially for husbands whose work hours extend into the night. He could have one in his designated workspace and another in the room just if he decides to have a meeting there. You would be saving him the stress of having to carry one lamp around the house.


Another solution to the back and neck aches is the Theragun, and although this is a lot more expensive than the acupressure mat, it is worth every penny. Experts say it gives “percussive massage,” which is invaluable if your man spends a lot of time working at his desk or bent over in one position. Since this is portable, he can choose to have it in the office or at home, or even in his car, so it goes with him everywhere.

Matching socks

Who doesn’t love a good pair of matching socks? Maybe a few people excluding a husband who has to wear formal shoes to work every day and running shoes on some. Even if he doesn’t like to wear socks, he would appreciate them because they are part of his work dress code, so why not consider getting him some matching pairs? They could be in different colors and patterns – whatever you know suits his taste.


Men love to journal too – when they can, so how about some good moleskin or leather-bound journals in his favorite color or matching patterns? Even if he doesn’t journal, a good aesthetic journal could put him in the mood to start writing down his thoughts and goals as they come to mind.

Good Quality Wallet

This should probably be the first on your list of priorities if he doesn’t already have one. Having a change of wallet at least once every year is not a bad idea, and it makes for a great option if the one he has is already worn out. There are tons of great wallets out there in different styles and materials. Pick out one that is unique to all the others he has had and, if you can get his signature crested on it.

If he miraculously happens to have everything on this list (which is most likely not possible), then you could get him a new pair of joggers. Yes, he already has one but can’t you see how old and worn out it looks on him? Don’t wait till he begins to talk about it; surprise him with one or two if you don’t mind. You would be proud of yourself for it.