Moving with children: Let the experts help you

Moving isn’t simple, especially when you have children. Once you find the new house, start planning and organizing because a complicated process waits for you. Are you ready for what you’ll feel like the most significant challenge in your life? Managing the entire situation won’t be easy, and if you add a pet to the equation, you’re heading towards some sleepless nights. When relocating with children, you cannot pause activities like cooking, playing with the kids, walking the pet, or helping with homework. 

But as with any other transition, planning is the secret. With the right help and some tips, you’ll get through it as smoothly as possible. 

We spoke with removal experts, and here are the pieces of advice they have for parents moving with kids

Create a moving calendar

There’s no more straightforward way to plan a moving process than using a calendar. You’re moving an entire house, and you need to care for the kids and pets at the same time, so it takes plenty of organization and planning. You need to complete various tasks (from packing your belongings to ending your subscriptions) during the following weeks, so it’s crucial to start as early as possible. A moving calendar helps you keep track of the things you need to do. The last thing you want is leaving everything for the previous week, with children running around and your partner panicking that you cannot find a removal company to transport all your belongings. 

You can find models of moving calendars online, but if you need extra guidance contacting a moving company is best. They usually have calendars they can provide their clients with, to assist them during the process. They have checklists, planning tools, and guides you can use to ease the move. 

Hire a nanny 

You love to care for your children and wouldn’t hire a nanny to help you, but the moving period is more stressful than your daily activities so that extra help can disburden you. The moving day and the week before will be pretty hectic, with the movers coming and going to pick up boxes, rooms to clean, things to pack, and children to help with homework. Children running around the house unsupervised are the last thing you need when chaos is ruling. So, it’s highly advisable to take them to daycare or hire a nanny to care for them while you plan the move. 

Ask the nanny if she can also walk the pet or help you around the house because some babysitters also cook and do laundry and walk the dog for the parents. Having one less thing to worry makes packing easier and lowers stress levels

Ask children for their opinion

Moving isn’t stressful only for you. It also overwhelms your children because it puts an emotional and physical strain on them. With you busy worrying about boxes and fees, they may feel their opinions don’t matter. Don’t make any decision that impacts their wellbeing before asking for their viewpoint. Find out what their feelings are towards the moving because leaving their friends, school, and places they love behind can put a toll on them. 

You’re stressed out, but you also need to be compassionate about your kids’ emotions. Guide them through the process and explain to them why you have to move, and what changes will be made. If you discuss with them early in the process, you prevent dramatic episodes with children crying and fighting with you because they cannot accept, you’re leaving their home behind. If possible, let them make their own decisions. Ask them how they want to paint their new room, what things they want to pack from the old house, and how they want to use the backyard—even allowing them to pick the meals for the move-in day count. 

Make them some fun packs they can use on the moving day

When you’ll arrive at your new house a sea of boxes will wait for you. So, there’s nothing to keep your children busy while you unpack, unless you prepare some fun packs. Ask them what toys and games they would want to use on the moving day, and pack them in individual boxes with their name on them. Have a personalized kit for each of your kids that includes their favorite toys, snacks, and even a gift. 

Ask the removal company to deliver the packs together with the essentials boxes you need for the first night at your new home. 

Hire movers to handle the process

The same day you close the deal on your new house and decide the moving day, contact a removal company to guide you through the process. This is a step many parents neglect, and it triggers chaos. For the most carefree moving experience, let expert movers do what they know best. 

How to hire the right mover

Before contacting a company, determine how they can help you. Do you need full-service, hybrid, or do you plan to handle yourself some tasks? What is the load size? What distance are you traveling to? What is your budget for moving? 

After you answer these questions, shop around for movers. Research the companies in your area and make a list with the ones with good reviews. Check the services they provide, fees, and distances they travel. Do they have your new location on their map?

Once you come up with two or three names, get quotes. Don’t make any decision before comparing their fees and services. Some companies ask you to contact them over the phone for a personalized quote, so write down what you need and call them. Before signing the contract, check for hidden fees and timelines.

Book the move, the moment you select the company you want to hire because they’re busy operators. 

At the end of the day, even with planning and pro help, moving is a big transition for a family with children. Ensure you continuously communicate with your kids and encourage them to share their opinions. The more you stay in touch with them, the easier it will be for everyone to adapt to change.