Moving Pods or Full Service Movers; Which One is better

Moving a house is a tiring job and takes a lot of effort. Along with many other preparations, choosing the mode of relocation is also a very complicated decision as there are ample choices available. However, from all the choices, two make the popular ones- Moving Pods and Full Service moving. As we recently made the list of the best moving services providers, we got to know about these two services in great detail. Through this post, we would like to share the information with you and help you decide what is better for you. Also, find out where you can purchase high-quality Shipping Containers for the lowest price online.

Moving Pods and Full service movers Comparison

Moving pods and full service movers are two distinct options of moving and both have their own set of pros and cons. While full service movers have been in trend since forever and people are quite comfortable with this traditional way of moving, moving pods are also gaining a lot of popularity now-a-days. The demand for the two options in the market is enough to leave you intimidated and overwhelmed, which is the last thing you want during this stressful time of change in your life. Let’s know crucial details about both the options. And if you’re looking for an expert writer who can help you craft a perfect business plan, you should first know the latest business plan writer rankings to ensure you’ll be hiring nothing but the best business plan writer.

Moving Pod

A Moving Pod is a portable storage container which is rented by users’ either at the time of relocation or for storage purposes. When rented for relocation, the company delivers the pod a few days prior to the moving date so that the user gets enough time to pack his things and load them on to the container. Once the packing and loading is done, the user can call the removal company for the pick-up. The company representative will then pick up the container from location 1 and deliver it at the new place. Once again the user gets enough time to unload the things at his new place.

If used for storage, the user again has to intimate the service provider aboutthe time period for rental. Usually, rentals for moving pods as storage units St George Utah are paid on a monthly basis.

Advantages of Renting PODS for Storage and Moving

Here is a succinct overview of the advantages of hiring a PODS container for moving or temporary storage:

  • Cost-effective
  • Secure
  • respects your schedule or agenda without charging extra expenses
  • simple to load and unload
  • There is no need to lease, operate, or load a big vehicle to move anything

The steel-framed and weather-resistant paneling of PODS containers, together with the ramp-free loading, make them a preferred option for people who are relocating and/or searching for storage options. Security features include a lock and key, a steel locking latch, and tie-downs on each PODS container. According to the company, PODS’s containers are made to withstand winds up to 110 mph.

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The Procedure for Renting A PODS Container

A PODS moving container may be rented quite easily. This is the overall procedure.

Understand why you need it and for how long

Prior to anything else, you must decide if you want to store, relocate, or do both with your possessions. You must choose whether to keep the PODS container on-site at your location or at a PODS Storage Center if you plan to use it for storage.

Additionally, you must choose how long you require PODS storage.

Select the delivery time, place, and container size

You must decide on a delivery location, a date, and a size for both moving and storage.

When it arrives, fill the PODS container

The business will transport the container to your door when you reserve one or more PODS containers. The next step is to load the container at your own leisure with your goods. With the support of family and friends, you can do this yourself, or you may hire movers.

Delivery to the location and pickup

When you are prepared, PODS will come to pick up the container and bring it to either the storage facility or the final location of your move.

Renting PODS for relocation

So, what is the price of PODS? The price of using a PODS moving container for your move may vary depending on the size of the container you hire, how long you need to keep it, and how far you are traveling. The cost of using PODS will differ depending on where you are relocating from and to, says the business. Long-distance moves start at $800, but prices change depending on how far you are moving and how long you need to store your belongings. Local relocation often costs less, according to PODS. In either case, PODS prices are less expensive than those of standard full-service moving companies.

How to Prepare for a PODS Container Order

Make sure you have done some advance planning and try to determine exactly what you need, how long you will need the container for, and where your destination is before you jump in and purchase a PODS container. For a PODS transfer that goes more smoothly, use the additional advice listed below.

  • Plan the delivery and pickup of your PODS container at least a week in advance, especially during the busy moving seasons.
  • Overestimate the space you will require. Go larger and get a second PODS container if you are on the line.
  • Instead of packing and stacking cardboard boxes in the PODS container, which might collide or shatter, use plastic bins.
  • Collect all of the necessary moving and packing equipment, such as boxes, moving blankets, tape, scissors, Sharpies, a dolly, packing paper, bungee cords, or ropes, etc.
  • The cost of your POD storage may decrease if you search for internet coupons on You never know what you’ll find.
  • In order to make sure the POD is placed where you want it, to confirm the lock functions, and to ask about any issues you might have, be home to personally meet the driver during delivery and pickup.

Full Service Movers

Full service movers offer comprehensive services which includes every single aspect of relocation -from packing your household to loading it into the truck, driving your belongings safely to the new location to unloading them safely and finally unpacking the boxes in the particular rooms. The full service movers provide assistance along with professional expertise that reduces the stress of a moving process significantly. All the services are handled by one company which charges the cost for the services according to the weight of the goods and distance to be covered from current location to the new place.

What are the prices of full-service movers?

When working with top-rated full-service movers, you often get what you paid for. And it is only fair to note that no two home transfers are precisely the same in terms of ultimate cost when attempting to calculate the full-service moving cost. How much does it cost to hire movers? is a question that is difficult to satisfactorily answer., let us emphasize that the ultimate cost you will pay for the move will depend on the additional services you want or need to complete the work.

As a result, without an in-house survey by a moving professional and without receiving a legally binding moving quote, it is almost impossible to determine the exact ultimate cost of your local or cross-country relocation. In truth, whether you’re moving cross-country (Houston to New York City, Houston to Los Angeles, New York City to San Francisco, or Las Vegas to Los Angeles, for example), locally (within the same city, to a neighboring city, or to a city no more than 100 miles away within the same state), or both, the relocation costs you’re about to incur will depend on a few key factors:

  • Move distance. To reduce your moving costs, you can’t reasonably reduce the distance between your two residences, therefore focus on the next important consideration while relocating.
  • Shipment weight. Inventory your home and get rid of everything you no longer need; relocating just the items you will actually need in the future will save you a ton of money.
  • Additional services. The total cost will increase if you request additional relocation services. If confused, discuss which services you actually need and which ones you do not with your full-service moving company. Why? Obviously, to save even more money.

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The advantages of working with a full-service moving business

Let professionals do the packaging

When you hire a full-service moving company, you won’t have to worry about the arduous packing process. Professional movers have the expertise and know-how required to pack up all of your stuff quickly and effectively in a safe and secure manner. Your valuables and antiques will be wrapped in the best packing materials, which will prevent any damage from occurring during the moving process.

Relieve some of the stress of moving

Relocating can be a very stressful process, whether you are relocating across town or across the nation. When you choose a moving service, you can relax knowing that your belongings are being handled by seasoned movers and packers. 

Deal with a moving company to save time

Hiring a reputable moving company may help you keep on track and on schedule for the big day if you are in a bit of a time constraint to move from point A to point B. Hiring a full-service moving company will allow you plenty of time to work out the specifics of any deadlines you may already have for tasks like switching your cable or utility services. Professional movers can pack and unpack your stuff swiftly, allowing you to settle into your new home as soon as possible.

Store your items safely to protect them

Consider renting a storage unit if you have time between leases or need a place to keep your possessions after moving out for a month or two. In our modern storage warehouse in Lorton, Quality Services Moving provides both long- and short-term storage. You can trust that your valuables are in good hands with us because our warehouses are very safe and constantly watched.

Refrain from harmful moving injuries

An injury is the last thing you want to deal with when moving. A professional moving company should always be contacted if your property has massive furniture items or very heavy boxes to prevent physical damage. A skilled fleet of movers will have the equipment necessary to carry large items without jeopardizing both their and your safety.

Saves money

The cost is likely one of the major obstacles keeping you from hiring movers, but did you realize that doing so might potentially result in cost savings? You will not need to worry about buying a ton of bubble wrap, packing tape, markers, or boxes if you employ a reputable moving company because the latter will already have these supplies on hand.

Different Aspects of Moving Pods and Full Service Movers

  • When you choose moving pods you will have to arrange all the packing material yourself and will have to do all the packing as well. However, in case of full service movers, you are provided with all the services right from getting packing material to unpacking the things.

  • The user will get enough time to pack, load, unload and then unpack the things if they rent a moving pod. If you are a working professional and don’t afford to do packing and unpacking in a stretch then moving pods are a very good option. Whereas in case of full service movers, all the work is done in a single day.

  • Moving pods is a cheaper option as it is a type of storage and transportation only service but in case of full service movers, they provide all the services from scratch so they charge a huge amount.

  • The user can sit and relax while having services of a full service mover while if one hires a moving pod then the maximum work has to be done by the user only as the company will give you the facility of transportation only.

  • The user will either hire labour for loading and unloading things or will do it himself in case of moving pods

Which is better? – Moving Pods/Full Service Movers

Moving pods and full service movers, both have different services and have their share of good and bad factors. It totally depends upon the needs of an individual that which service they feel is good for them. In case you have enough time to pack the things up and you want to do it yourself to keep them safe then moving pods is a better option and if you have time constraints then full service movers are better as all you have to do is pack your valuables and reach your new place. Choosing the right mode of relocation is one of the golden rules of moving a house. Make sure you make the right choice and enjoy your relocation experience.