Moving Pods or Full Service Movers; Which One is better

Moving a house is a tiring job and takes a lot of effort. Along with many other preparations, choosing the mode of relocation is also a very complicated decision as there are ample choices available. However, from all the choices, two make the popular ones- Moving Pods and Full Service moving. As we recently made the list of the best moving services providers, we got to know about these two services in great detail. Through this post, we would like to share the information with you and help you decide what is better for you. Also, find out where you can purchase high-quality Shipping Containers for the lowest price online.

Moving Pods and Full service movers Comparison

Moving pods and full service movers are two distinct options of moving and both have their own set of pros and cons. While full service movers have been in trend since forever and people are quite comfortable with this traditional way of moving, moving pods are also gaining a lot of popularity now-a-days. The demand for the two options in the market is enough to leave you intimidated and overwhelmed, which is the last thing you want during this stressful time of change in your life. Let’s know crucial details about both the options. And if you’re looking for an expert writer who can help you craft a perfect business plan, you should first know the latest business plan writer rankings to ensure you’ll be hiring nothing but the best business plan writer.

Moving Pod

A Moving Pod is a portable storage container which is rented by users’ either at the time of relocation or for storage purposes. When rented for relocation, the company delivers the pod a few days prior to the moving date so that the user gets enough time to pack his things and load them on to the container. Once the packing and loading is done, the user can call the removal company for the pick-up. The company representative will then pick up the container from location 1 and deliver it at the new place. Once again the user gets enough time to unload the things at his new place.

If used for storage, the user again has to intimate the service provider aboutthe time period for rental. Usually, rentals for moving pods as storage units St George Utah are paid on a monthly basis.

Full Service Movers

Full service movers offer comprehensive services which includes every single aspect of relocation -from packing your household to loading it into the truck, driving your belongings safely to the new location to unloading them safely and finally unpacking the boxes in the particular rooms. The full service movers provide assistance along with professional expertise that reduces the stress of a moving process significantly. All the services are handled by one company which charges the cost for the services according to the weight of the goods and distance to be covered from current location to the new place.

Different Aspects of Moving Pods and Full Service Movers

  • When you choose moving pods you will have to arrange all the packing material yourself and will have to do all the packing as well. However, in case of full service movers, you are provided with all the services right from getting packing material to unpacking the things.

  • The user will get enough time to pack, load, unload and then unpack the things if they rent a moving pod. If you are a working professional and don’t afford to do packing and unpacking in a stretch then moving pods are a very good option. Whereas in case of full service movers, all the work is done in a single day.

  • Moving pods is a cheaper option as it is a type of storage and transportation only service but in case of full service movers, they provide all the services from scratch so they charge a huge amount.

  • The user can sit and relax while having services of a full service mover while if one hires a moving pod then the maximum work has to be done by the user only as the company will give you the facility of transportation only.

  • The user will either hire labour for loading and unloading things or will do it himself in case of moving pods

Which is better? – Moving Pods/Full Service Movers

Moving pods and full service movers, both have different services and have their share of good and bad factors. It totally depends upon the needs of an individual that which service they feel is good for them. In case you have enough time to pack the things up and you want to do it yourself to keep them safe then moving pods is a better option and if you have time constraints then full service movers are better as all you have to do is pack your valuables and reach your new place. Choosing the right mode of relocation is one of the golden rules of moving a house. Make sure you make the right choice and enjoy your relocation experience.