Mothers Day Shirt for a Child to Make – Idea 2

Recently we posted about a cute Mother’s Day flower pot for a child to make (you can find it here).  Another great idea is to make this cute Mother’s Day shirt as well.  Your child will always be able to see you wear that shirt made with a little love and have a sense of pride and joy that your wearing it.  Likewise as a parent you can certainly tell them its your favorite shirt.

Gift Idea

To make these adorable mom shirts, you need the following items: green fabric paint, yellow fabric paint, red fabric paint, 3 paper plates, a plain t-shirt, and a cute little child Smiley Icon

First, you pour one color of paint on one paper plate, and repeat for the other two colors of paint, so that they are all on separate plates.  Next, help press the child’s feet into the green paint and “stamp” the shirt with her footprints.  Then paint the green flower stem on the shirt, and the red center of the flower.  Next, help the child press her hands into the yellow paint and “stamp” her hands to make the flower petals.  Finally, using the puff paint, write “#1 Mom” on the top of the shirt, and the child’s name and year on the bottom.

Once the paint is dry, the shirt is ready to be given as a gift that will be treasured for years.