Mothers Day Gift for a Child to Make – Idea 1

This is a very cute little Mother’s Day gift that is perfect for moms who work outside the home because we can keep it on our desks as a pen holder.  It can also has a sweet little picture of your child, and a lot of their own painting.  If you watch children and are looking for a cute craft for them to make, this is perfect – something to treasure for years.

To make this, you’ll need a little flower pot, pens, fake flowers, finger paint, a picture, card stock, and small items to fill the flower pot.

You can warp the pen with something like Washi tape and pick nice green colors.  Cover the pen so that it looks like a stem, and attach the flower.

Cut a flower out of the cardstock, and let the child paint it.  Then cut out a small picture of your child.  You can also print out a nice mother-related saying – on this one it says “If moms were flowers I’d pick you.”  Attach it to the pen in the same way as the other flowers.

Finally, let the child paint the flower pot and fill it with the filler item such as basic rocks or gravel and of course the pens.