Meanings Behind Numbers: How Numerology Works

Numerology is a system of interpreting the meaning and messages in numbers. The practice is thousands of years old and is commonly used by people looking for guidance as they seek out their purpose and try to find meaning in their lives. The following will break down how numerology works and give you the basic information you need to begin to figure out what the numbers in your life mean for you. And to learn more about the divine and mystical relationships between numbers and your life, check out the Ministry of Numerology.

Core Numbers

There are several numbers that are important if you’re looking into numerology. Sometimes these are called your core numbers and sometimes these are even referred to as Angel Number 555.

  • Your life path number is the map for your life’s journey
  • Your expression number reveals aspects of the person you were meant to be
  • Your birthday number highlights the unique abilities you have

Besides what is listed above, these numbers can be used to help you determine work that would be fulfilling to you. These numbers can also reveal your compatibility with others in a romantic sense, friendship sense, and when it comes to collaborating with someone for work or creative project purposes. If you find a number that reveals a compatibility prediction that you don’t feel is accurate, make sure to compare your other numbers with their other numbers. Sometimes an incompatibility in, let’s say, name numbers can be overcome by compatibility with expression numbers.

The Life Path Number

Calculating your life path number involves adding up each of the numbers involved in your birthdate (year, month, and day). For example, if your birthdate is: January 1st, 2000, you would add 1+1+2+0+0+0+0 (4). When you’ve done that, you need to add those numbers together again if you’re left with a multi-digit number. Let’s say you got 23 after you added all your numbers together, you’d then add 2+3 (5). Continue until you have a single-digit number or you have 11 or 22.

This is your life path number. It will reveal aspects of your personality and what you’re working towards in your life. It can also reveal areas of your being that need special attention. Numerology information can be found on the compatibility of different life path numbers. Don’t expect that if someone has the same life path as you that they’re always going to be a great match. For some paths, this is the case, but for others, it isn’t.

The Expression Number

Your expression number is calculated using your full name at birth (even if you’ve changed your name, you need to use your birth name). This number will reveal information about your strengths, abilities, and the way you are meant to express yourself as you move along your life path. If you find yourself skeptical of this as names are typically given by parents and so feel like they might be inaccurate, take a moment to research how strongly names influence our lives (social interactions, facial features, personality traits, etc.). When it comes to expression numbers, each letter is given a numerical value, and you add them together continuously until you arrive at a single-digit number (or 11 or 22).

Birthday Numbers

There’s no math involved in this one. Whatever the number of the day you were born on is your birthday number (between 1 and 31). You can look up in an online chart what this number means for you. This is often the most specific information. You might find that aspects of your life path number or expression number are challenged or overcome by this number.

Angel Numbers

In addition to your personal numerology, there are also what some people call angel numbers. These are numbers that, while not associated with you, continually show up in your daily life. Maybe every time you look at the clock, or each time you notice a license plate, or every time you get your tarot read, the same numbers reveal themselves.

These numbers can also be interpreted as messages. Each number is a hint, directing you towards something that you maybe didn’t notice, or forgot about, or were about to give up on. Unlike other aspects of numerology, angel number 515 have more space for personal interpretation. What makes a positive sign to one person doesn’t have to be a positive sign for someone else. Think about the concept of stability—to some people, being reminded about stability can feel like being reprimanded for having a free spirit. To others, stability might represent peace and comfort. 

The above breakdown of numerology should be enough for you to begin exploring the practice. Take your time and always trust your gut. If something feels off or inaccurate, you might be missing a piece of the puzzle.