Make Your Indoor Days Colorful: Best Crafts for Lazy Weekends

We all crave a long lazy weekend, but sometimes we find ourselves rather bored during the long, slow hours it brings. The kids aren’t at school, there are no last-minute errands to keep you busy, and the hours can seem long.

Many crafting projects are quick and colorful to keep you happily creating and far from bored. You can even make something useful, save some money, and brighten up those long indoor days.

Many websites are dedicated to crafting ideas, such as Craft Whack, to bring you the inspiration you need. Here are some colorful crafting ideas for those lazy indoor weekends.

DIY Pom-Poms

You can make pom-poms out of the most ordinary materials lying around. Use any color yarn, cloth, plastic, or crepe paper to make the pom-pom you want.

Different sizes have different uses, and you can use your pom-pom to decorate your wall, a personally wrapped gift, or plain sandals.

Painted Tin Cans

Think twice before throwing out your old tin cans. With some bright paint, decorations, a bit of washi tape, and a simple S-shaped hook, you can transform your old tins into pretty holders for utensils.

Paint and decorate some old bigger paint tins to plant your flowers or herbs or even use them for storage purposes.

DIY Cards

Print out coloring cards for the family according to their interests and styles. Color in these cards and use them for the festive season or personalized birthday cards for family members.

Flowers From Crepe Paper

Stock up on crepe paper to craft flowers. You can make all types of flowers, from tulips to daisies. Put your larger flowers into vases, and use the smaller ones to add zest to your gifts and wrappings.

Personalized Desk Accessories

Spruce up your work desk and add some custom-made accessories. You can use anything like vases, boxes, or desktop organizers. Find containers that have the right depth and size to repaint and accessorize. Make matching sets to add a touch of elegance.

Make Coasters

You can make coasters from many different materials that are cheap, easy, and well worth a little time since you can create the exact theme you want.

DIY Photo Frames

A custom-made photo frame will never be as dull and bland as a store-bought one. Add to the beauty and elegance of your photographs with some great photo frames. You can use almost any materials you have in the house and be as creative as you want.

DIY Wall Mirrors

Bring energy to your home by adding materials such as leather, twine, or plastic to your wall mirrors. Choose your preferred size and shape of your mirrors and enjoy the freedom this DIY project brings to interior style.

Wallpaper Some Furniture

Select that item of furniture that has been an eyesore to you for some time. Select a weekend to spruce up this bit of furniture with a new layer of paint and some wallpaper for the tops. Spruce up that old nightstand, kitchen shelves, or dresser by adding a new knob or handle to complete the look.

Doormat Spruce Up

Even doormats can reflect the style and personality of the home occupants. Take your old doormats and add some craft and spice to them. Use stencils and get creative in making your statement.

Final Thought

Having fun and creating something useful and colorful for your home is one way to pass the time and alleviate your boredom. Crafts aren’t just chores and don’t have to be perfect; they just have to bring you joy.