Long Trip With Your Toddler

Trips with children and family members are always fun. The best way to enjoy yourself and ensure that your child is happy is to always be prepared. Travelling with toddlers usually has its own challenges. Since they are so young, they have unique needs that must be cared for. You will probably have to deal with jet lag, travel fatigue, airsickness, cabin pressure, headaches, and a lot more. Toddlers must be kept warm and dry throughout the trip, so they feel safe and comfortable.

You should aim at travelling before your toddler becomes mobile and starts running around the airport. With the current health care around the globe, it is necessary to ensure that you keep your toddler safe from harm and ensure that you have all the required documentation and paperwork. You should contact creditable immigration lawyers in Newcastle for the visa, passport renewals, insurance, and other travel paperwork you may need for yourself and your baby.

Let us look at some ways the long trip with your toddler becomes easy to manage. We have a few tips and tricks to help ease your way, including how to find the best toddler tables that are also much needed. While these tricks don’t work for everyone, you should find that adapting them to suit your needs becomes easy with practice. If you’re not flying and are taking a road trip, you should adopt these techniques to fit your needs.

Consult With The Paediatrician

When you’re planning a trip with your toddler, you should consult with the doctor. The paediatrician can check your baby and let you know whether your toddler is healthy enough to travel long distances. If you’re planning a trip by air, you should check for some pressure relief for cabin pressure. If you’re travelling by road, you should ensure that the doctor gives you something to help your baby with car sickness (if any).

If you are travelling with your infant for the first time, you should check which medicines you may require. If you’re planning to go to the mountains where the air is thinner, you could ask the doctor for something to help your child. Avoid taking advice from well-meaning friends. They usually advise something like giving your baby some Benadryl. However, this will make your baby drowsy, cranky, and irritable. Listen to the doctor’s advice.

Carry Only Essential Baby Gear

Carrying a lot of baby stuff can seem like the right thing to do, but it is not. Only take what is needed for the trip. If possible, you can ship or courier some bulky stuff to the destination. Many parents prefer sending the baby cot and bassinet along with some diapers, extra formula, and other essentials to the destination. If you are staying at a resort, you can call the manager in advance and let them know to expect and hold some parcels for you.

Doing this allows you to carry only the essentials so that you travel relatively light. Minimalist packing is necessary when travelling with toddlers. You would need the essentials like baby food, extra diapers, clothes, baby mats, and more. However, you do not need to carry every toy, stuffie, or teether. Carry only what is required. If you are travelling to a place with a baby pool, you should ensure you carry some inflatable baby floats and swimwear.

Choose Toddler-friendly Destinations

Going on a long trip is tough. What’s even more challenging is going to a place that is not child or toddler-friendly. When travelling with children, there are several things that you should consider. You can avoid the stress of not having support by choosing family destinations with special considerations for children.

When booking your holiday and resort, opt for ones that have baby pools, nanny services, and more. After a long journey, you and your baby would need rest, a break, and time to relax. Choosing toddler-friendly destinations help take the stress off managing everything on your own.

Many child-friendly destinations also have doctors on call, access to emergency services and child care services. These resorts also have unique chairs, tables, recreational areas and more for children to play safely.

Road Travel

If you are travelling by road, you should rent a car seat. If you are using your own car, you should purchase a car seat for your baby’s safety during the trip. It is best to get one that is adjustable and can be clipped on. Buying something portable allows you to use the car seat even as a temporary bassinet. Not only does this save time, but also money.

Toddlers do not understand the difference between a car seat and a bassinet. They only need comfort.