Living Away From Significant Other During COVID-19

Many areas of the world are still navigating what it means to live during a pandemic. Recently, many states within the United States have begun to open back up. However, now that states have been opened for several weeks, cases of COVID-19 are beginning to spike again. 

Some states are even talking about having to enforce additional stay-at-home orders to keep people safe. This means you could soon find yourself isolated at home once again. And, if you’re among the many couples that live separately, stay-at-home orders mean that you might not know when you’ll be able to physically see your significant other again. 

While being separated from your significant other can be emotionally hard, there are certain things you can do to help yourself get through this troubling time. 

Strengthen communication

Communication is a necessary part of any healthy relationship. Many people are stressed right now, so set up regular times to talk as a couple about topics such as how work is going. Also, if you are raising children together, you should regularly schedule times to talk about the children and what their needs are. 

During this time, you can video chat, text, and call in order to check in with each other. And if you ever really just need to hear their voice, here are some spells to make someone call you!

Be kind to each other

Stress can lead to people being moodier, which could result in an increase in conflicts between you and your partner. Remember to treat each other with a little more kindness during the time. Discuss what you currently need out of the relationship. 

Also, try to be respectful of when and how often you’re trying to talk to your significant other. For example, if your partner is currently working from home, they may have hours where they aren’t available. Calling them during these hours could result in additional stress for them! 

Consider moving in together

Depending on where you’re in your relationship with your significant other, it could be time to discuss moving in together. While moving in together isn’t something you want to rush, just keep in mind that there is still no vaccination for COVID-19, so these periods of isolation could continue over the next few years. 

Keep in mind that everyone needs to be comfortable with this decision, including your children. Especially if you’ve gone through a recent divorce, your children might not feel comfortable having your partner move into the house. 

Experiment a little 

Just because you’re unable to physically be with each other doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with other forms of romantic interactions! Try a video date where you watch a movie together or play a game together. Just seeing them virtually can help you feel closer to one another. 

And, depending on what your comfort level is, try to find new ways to be romantically intimate, such as sexting or phone sex. You may discover that it isn’t for you, but if you’re curious about it, there is nothing wrong with trying!

Practice self-care

Try to keep yourself in as healthy of a mindset as possible. Dealing with the stressors of the pandemic and not being able to see your significant other is sure to negatively impact your mental health. Many people may find themselves struggling with anxiety or depression. 

So, try to find activities that you can do that make you happy. Maybe it is soaking in a bubble bath or maybe it is watching your favorite movie. Taking time to focus on yourself and your needs can help you better cope with stress

Understand long-distance relationships

Think of your time apart as being in a long-distance relationship. While long-distance relationships are tough, many people manage to make them work. Find ways to stay connected in meaningful ways, no matter if it is video chatting over lunch or sending each other texts before bed. 

And, just remember that this is all temporary! While there are still many unknowns surrounding the coronavirus, a vaccine is in development and many places are finding ways that allow people to live and interact safely with one another despite the pandemic. 

Final thoughts

If you’re currently struggling with being apart from your significant other because of COVID-19, focus on ways that the two of you can maintain your relationship through video calls, texting, and phone calls. You may even find that your relationship will strengthen as a result of this since you’re having to improve your communication skills.