Lip Lift vs. Lip Injections: What is the Difference When Considering Botox

When you are looking to enhance your appearance, your lips can be the first place to consider. Upon gaining popularity, there are now various forms of lip procedures available for clients.

But sometimes, the names of these procedures can be a bit confusing. For example, people get confused about lip lift and why it is so different from lip injections. As a result, many cosmetologists at Botox Bellevue WA, get asked the several questions surrounding lip cosmetic procedures. Such as:

What is a Lip Lift?

The primary purpose of a lip lift is to make your upper lip appear fuller and more pronounced. A lip lift is a type of surgical procedure that is used to remove excess skin of the upper lip. It helps in raising the lip as well as shortening its length. The procedure ensures that more of the red lip shows. At times, a lip lift can increase the chances of showing more of your central teeth when your lips are at a resting position.

Lip Injections

Lip injections are a non-surgical procedure that uses various fillers like collagen and hyaluronic acid to make your lips look fuller. It can also use fat from the person’s own body. So, if you want to make your lips look more uplifted and less droopy, lip fillers can be an ideal option. Moreover, it is a quick and easy option for those who do not want permanent procedures to get better lips.

Depending on an individual’s metabolism and other factors, lip fillers typically last up to twelve months. And, they are also a good option for people who have never tried any other lip enhancements.

Differences Between Lip Lift and Lip Injection

Lip lifts and injections are two utterly different lip enhancement procedures that are meant to give different results. Lip lifts tend to be permanent and cannot be reversed, whereas lip injections naturally subside with time.

Lip injections are procedures to make lips look plumper, with reduced fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. On the other hand, Lip injections do not increase the volume of the lips; instead, they increase the width and make your lips more defined.

Lip lifts have a longer recovery time as compared to lip injections. Swelling and bruising are most commonly associated with lip injections, which do go away after a week. In contrast, lip lifts have stitches that are removed within a week. But, swelling and other side- effects with lip lift subside typically within two weeks.

What is Ideal For You?

Depending on your facial structure and requirements, you might find either a lip lift or lip injection ideal for you. At Botox Bellevue, WA, you will find certified professionals willing to recommend procedures based on clients’ concerns.

Remember, not everyone can get lip fillers because many people are susceptible to allergies that make them incompatible with specific fillers. So, if you are feeling apprehensive about which procedure is most suitable for your lips, it can be a good idea to go for a consultation with a professional beforehand.

Nevertheless, if you want to diminish the signs of aging on your face, go ahead with either of the lip enhancement procedures. However, getting a lip lift can be a good option for those tired of going for fillers frequently and wanting something permanent.